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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Welcome to Normal Mormon Husbands. My wife has recently created her own blog and has begun posting on the blogs of several of our BYU friends who we have not seen in years. She keeps a great blog of our happy little family, as do the families of our friends who now live all over the US. As I've been exposed to these blogs I have noticed a few things:

1. They are mainly about the daily challenges of motherhood (and it's hard for husbands to identify with feeling the baby drop or hilarious lactation-related experiences)
2. They are almost always written by the wife (unless the male likes to end his sentences with phrases like, ".....and it was so much fun!!" or "cute!!", "cutie-pie!!", "cutie!!", "cuteness!!" or any other derivation of the word "cute" ending with double exclamation points)
3. Smiley faces are definitely in :-)
4. Topics such as scrapbooking and playgroups are placed higher on the totem pole than sports (real or fantasy), careers, politics or othe things that that normal guys talk about.

This is in no way a shot against our wives. They are awesome. I'm grateful my wife stays in touch with all of our friends, because I probably would have lost contact with everybody the day we packed up our $1,200 of earthly posessions into a U-Haul and left Provo. It is enjoyable for me to scan the blogs that our wives have created, but guys, this one's for us.

Have fun with it. But please, use exclamation points with care, avoid the word "cute", and you are banned for life if a smiley face appears. :-)


Dave said...

Actually, I contribute about 70% of our blog material. The other 30% comes from Amy, of course. And I am man enough to use the word "cute".

4:19 PM
Dave said...

Correction: I have just been informed that I do 10% of our blog, while Amy does 90%. I apologize for any confusion this may have occasioned.

7:28 PM


I thought your comment was going to be retract what you said about using the word "cute", not the percentage of contribution to your blog....


11:33 AM
Amy said...

One of the things I remember liking about Dave when I first met him is that he would use the word cute. I think I even wrote that in my journal. How else do you describe babies like Jack, "breathtaking?" (to be said in the pediatrician from Seinfeld voice)

7:45 AM
Sandy said...

Andrew this is hilarious -- I'm going to forward this link to my husband. He considers my blog to BE a "cute" scrapbook, not just about cute and scrapbook...I'm sure he'd appreciate a look at MAN'S WORLD. And by the way, HI! How ya doing? It's been fun re-connecting with your wife after all these years!! (no smiley face...but I wanted to put one there)

2:15 PM