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Friday, October 27, 2006

Welcome to the Cartoon Challenge Results Show. That's right, results show. At Normal Mormon Husbands we don't just blurt out the winner, we build up to it a-la American Idol. Only on this blog you don't have to listen to Ryan Seachrest, which is definitely a positive. Excellent responses on the cartoon question. You should each be proud. Since there were so many good comments I have decided to grant winners of several different categories before revealing the grand prize winner.

Winner of the "LOST Episode Ending" Award: Greg and Nicolle Sherwood. I'm a faithful LOST watcher. When each episode ends I always think to myself, "Nooo! You can't end now! It's just getting good! Will we ever see Walt again? Is Sun carrying Jin's baby? Why did the whole island light up with the numbers reached zero? Please, just five more minutes, please!" This is what happened to Greg and Nicolle's post. They gave two excellent recommendations (Ducktales and Ghost Busters), but didn't include a third. I finished reading their post asking myself, "Is the third cartoon Scooby Doo? Underdog? Gem (she's truly outrageous)?" Unfortunately I'll never know.

Winner of the "No, But I Stayed In a Holiday Inn Express Last Night" Award: Dave. This award is a tribute to the commercials where a person speaks like a very authoritative doctor, for example, only to later confess that he's not really a doctor, but was smart enough to stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Unfortunately for good ol' Dave, he laid down the gauntlet when he said, "I consider myself a cartoon expert...." I was intrigued, nay, excited to see what my ultra-intelligent brother-in-law would come up with after that bold introduction. But when I saw the list included Bobby's World (which I've never seen) and Animaniacs (which was one of the first cartoons I ever labeled as "annoying" as a kid), Dave secured this lovely runner-up prize.

Grand Prize Winner: Amy. That's right, my little sister who thought she was a cat until she was nine years old pulled it out in the clutch. The Simpsons (which I'll address below), Alvin and the Chipmunks, and then she busted out Teen-Age Mutant Ninja Turtles. When I saw TMNT I thought, "I should have had that on my list". Way to go A-mix, you won yourself this beautiful picture of an Ab-Flex to tone your muscles as you watch endless hours of reruns on the Cartoon Network.

Strike Up The Simpsons Controversy:
The Simpsons was mentioned a couple of times among the best cartoons of all-time. I was really hoping for more Saturday morning-type cartoons instead of primetime shows like The Simpsons. But since they were brought up, here is my take on Homer, Marge, Moe, Apu, and the rest.

I still remember the first episode of The Simpsons that I saw as a junior high school student in 1989. I thought it was the funniest show I had ever seen, and it was until the late nineties. Some of the best fringe characters in the history of TV are on the show - Disco Stu, Snake, Comic Book Guy, Duff-Man.....I could quote line after line from the first few seasons, but in the late nineties The Simpsons completely jumped the shark. I stopped watching it five or six years ago.

Where the "old" Simpsons humor used to be slightly irreverent at times, the "new" episodes blatantly cross the line. The newer stuff tries to be too socially edgy as it repeatedly addresses politics, religion, and gender issues and portrays them in a light that I just don't agree with. The writers of the show made a conscious decision several years ago to take the show from the classic, dumb, well-written humor (Mr. Plow, Bart of Darkness, Homie the Clown, Talkin' Baseball) to controversial social issues that they try to wrap in a blanket of funniness, but it hasn't worked for years. If you look at the link below, viewers have rated all 350+ Simpsons episodes and 49 of the top 50 rated shows took place in Season 8 (1997) or earlier. The Simpsons are currently in Season 18, so only one episode in the last 10 years even cracks the top 50:

Top-50 Rated Simpsons Episodes

Over the past six years I've tried on two occasions to give the Simpsons another chance. They seriously let me down both times. One episode was flat out blasphemous while the other one featured Patti (or was it Selma?) coming out of the closet. I didn't finish watching either episode. Too bad they messed up perhaps the funniest show of all time.


Amy said...

I'd like to thank all the people who helped me win this prestigious award. Thank you to Dave Seville for giving three singing Chipmunks a chance. Thank you to April O'Niel for being the female companion to the Turtles and adding a little estrogen to the show. And finally, thank you to the Castle Rock library for carrying The Simpsons seasons 1-9 on dvd so we can watch them at any time, commercial free.
Finally, to all the other nominees, a few words from Homer Simpson, "you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try." Thank you.

12:54 PM
Mom said...

Abe - you are very witty for a math major!
Your proud mother - (who didn't even get a, a, shoot, I can't think of the word when you didn't win but they give you, ah ha! "An Honorary Mention!"

Drew - Thanks for letting me think of cartoons again. Flintstones was another classic of my youth. It was on Friday night, and the Wyatts used to freeze nickle candy bars and eat them as a family tradition. When Fred and Wilma had their baby "Pebbles" it was the highlight of the year for everyone - the whole country couldn't wait to tune in that Friday night when she was born.

As I said before, in my not-even-honorable-mention post, I loved Yogi Bear. Except I thought it was so unfair that in the song it went, "He can sleep 'til noon, but before it's dark, he'll have every picnic basket that's in Jellystone Park!" I related with the person who got up at 7:00 a.m. and didn't snag a single basket while lazy Yogi was getting all of them. Also, must mention Popeye - one of my alltime favorites, although I'm 30 years older than everyone else who comments on these blogs. I have the Olive Oyl moans and exclaimation sounds firmly imbedded in my brain - and another unfair memory from childhood too, that Popey's friend "Wimpy" would say "I will glad you pay you Thursday for a hamburger today" and he'd GET one! It must have been on right before dinner because I was always drooling at the thought of having a hamburger!.
Dad and I are off to the mall to get my new cell phone - it's very cool - pearlized pink. P.S., Drew, I think you should call this blog "Mormon Husband" and then random blog surfers might hit on it, whereas they'd never hit on it with "Normal" as the key word.
Love you all,

2:48 PM

Mom, don't feel bad. I, too, was snubbed. And it's called an honorable--not honorary--mention. I can show you from the certificate I got in the mail from the Utah Arts Council Jon Huntsman, Jr. yesderday. When you get the honorable mention, you DO at least get a certificated . . . but not the $1,000.
Maybe that's why Drew did away with the honorable mentions altogether. Too much work to print up all those certificates.
And Amy, I think your acceptance speech is divine.

7:36 AM
Dave said...

I still think I should have won. If you haven't seen Bobby's World, you're missing out. But being second place to Amy isn't that bad. In fact, she excels at so many things that I've gotten quite used to being second best. Good thing she's so cute!

7:19 PM