Introducing the "Ran-Dumb" Awards - Best Commercials of All-Time

Monday, October 16, 2006

This week I am introducing a new segment to the blog called the Ran-Dumb awards. This is a shamelessly contrived gimmick to increase readers of the blog, I'm man enough to admit that. Since kicking off the blog I've realized that it is hard to come up with new content based upon my daily or weekly activities. Most weeks it would sound something like this: "Participated on numerous conference calls and resolved multiple HR issues, spent most of Wednesday and Sunday in Bishopric. Watched Survivor, Lost, the Nine, and the Panthers game. Made the most out of Friday and Saturday with Andrea and the kids". In other words, my blog would be about as interesting as Al Gore discussing global warming (which, by the way, is a sham.)

My wife, Andrea, has a detailed blog that does a fantastic job updating everybody on the fun stuff the family does, I've decided to focus on random stuff. Hence, the Ran-Dumbs, where I will do random Top-5 lists and shamelessly beg people to comment on them.

Ran-Dumb award for the Best Commerical of All-Time:

(Click the hyperlink to view the Youtube video)

5. Sports Center - "New Kid" (ESPN)
Came out at the same time that the NBA was having waves of high schoolers declaring for the draft. For every Kevin Garnett, there was a Kwame Brown. This kid was Kwame. Great social commentary on the world of sports.

4. Terry Tate - Office Linebacker (Reebok)
Perhaps the HR Manager in me secretly wishes that I had a Terry Tate at my disposal every once in a while. Better remember to put the cover letter on the TPS report next time......

3. When I Grow Up - (
I'll never forget seeing this depressingly funny ad while watching the Super Bowl a couple of years back. You know a commercial is effective when it ranks up there in the "I remember where I was when I saw this" category. After watching this, it is hard to not ask yourself, "How did I get into my career again?"

2. Cavemen 1 and Cavement 2 - (Geico)
I love that Geico is gutsy enough to address how politically correct everybody must be all the time. You can't even take a pot-shot at cavemen these days. The Caveman 1 clip, which kicks off this series, catches you off guard with the off-camera commotion. I always chuckle in the Caveman 2 clip when one orders the very sophisticated entre of roast duck with mango salsa while the other just smirks condescendingly.

And the Ran-Dumb award for the Best Commercial of All-Time goes to.......

1. Cat Herders - (EDS)
The dramatic music, sweeping cinematic shots of the rugged terrain, and the perfectly casted actors make this more of a movie trailer than a commercial. When one Cat Herder looks at the other and says, "His face is just ripped to shreds, you know", how can't you laugh. Great writing and cinematography make this the funniest commercial of all-time.

So there you have it, the innagural Ran-Dumb award winner. Please comment on these commercials or any other funny ones that may have been left off the list.


andrea said...

So, is it official that anyone can comment now? Or is it still just supposed to be guys? This is a great list! Except the cavemen. I hate that ad campaign. I can't believe it's still running.

8:11 PM
Anonymous said...

I love the caveman commercials! I have been watching the Terry Tate videos for a couple years now. I think they're the best in your list!

1:42 PM
Dave said...

Well it's a hard choice between the cavemen and the Terry Tate video. I can't believe you don't like the caveman video, Andrea. That's classic comedy. But I'm going to have to vote for Terry Tate, even though I hate football and don't know who he is. It has always been a dream of mine to crush people on a whim.

7:55 PM

Hey Bro! Another stellar blog post! As far as caveman commercials go, I also like the one for (I think) Fed-Ex, where the caveman gets stomped on. Very funny. I also find the "Head-On, Apply Directly to the Forehead" commercial strangely compelling, mainly because it's so BAD and so effective simultaneously.

And--as your closest-to-a-Democrat-family-member-but-still-voted-for-Bush-twice-even-though-he-drives-me-absolutely-crazy sister--I have to call you on your global warming comment. And the list of liberal Hollywood types whose movies you won't see in your bio. Dude--You've been listening to WAAAAY too much Rush Limbaugh. Truly. I'm going to get you a subscription to the "New Yorker" for Christmas just for balance :-).

Love you still, though. I would even if you thought that the whole Mark Foley thing was the Democrats' fault. Even then!!!!


10:46 AM
Denny & Joe said...

Andrew -- I have not viewed the commercials yet, so cannot offer any comment, but I must say this is an impressive blog, and you have impresive technological skills to make everything so...linked up and graphically appealing and such. Wow!

Aunt Denny

(P.S. I, like Angie, was also a reluctant Bush voter and am a true believer in global warming. we've started a controversy. Who cares about the commercials. Whadya think about global warming?)

2:59 PM

Since it seems like your blog casts a little bit of a wider net than your average family-picture-posting blog . . . would you be interested in having a wider readership? The reason I ask is that a lot of the AML folks I know are into the LDS blog scene (commonly known as the "Bloggernacle." But you're so hip I'm sure you've heard of it already.) Anyway, there are sites that are portals to the Bloggernacle and will post links to your blog if you seem "up to par." Your blog looks so cool so far I think you could weigh in with the big boy bloggers, if you want to. Here's a link to one of the portal sites:
You should check it out!

8:27 PM
the independent sister said...

How do you know I'm not a Democrat?

10:02 AM

So that's why you moved to Colorado! So you can put Hillary '08 campaign signs on your front lawn without the rest of us knowing!!!

1:02 PM
Anybody like John McCain? said...

During the last election Angie sent me a list of random questions about international relations, global warming, the military, etc., and then based upon my answers I was assigned to the presidential candidate I supposedly matched up with. I swear it was John McCain - although I think he's the guy who screamed isn't he?
Anyway, loved reading the blog Drew - and your U-Tube commercials were a hit. It's the most entertainment I've had all weeekend.

As far as the Democratic/Republican thing, this blog may be the closest thing we've ever had to a family argument except that one time last Christmas when Tony and Amy went the rounds over the math question!

8:44 PM

Howard Dean was the screamer. He was the Democrat leading for the Presidential nomination until he melted down at the Iowa caucus. You can watch it in all its embarassing glory at:

John McCain is the war hero Sentator from Arizona who may get the '08 Republican Presidential nomination.

10:08 PM