Advertise on NMH! It Rocks. Seriously. It Rocks.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How Can I Get My Ad on NMH?
Just email me at and I will give you my PayPal information. Then - BAM! - thousands of people will hear about your business.

Why Advertise on NMH?
Because thousands of people will see your ad. Normal Mormon Husbands has a large, loyal following consisting primarily of Latter-day Saints, parents and stay-at-home moms. Plus I would really like to buy a PlayStation 3 and a wireless router and your ad revenue would go toward fulfilling this dream.

How Much Traffic Does NMH Get?

Between May 2008 and June 2009 there were nearly 214,000 page views, or an average of about 16,500 per month. If you think I am a dirty rotten liar you can click on the Google Analytics report to the right to verify. (If you clicked the link to verify, I am deeply wounded! I would not jeopardize my eternal salvation over cost-effective web ads. Who do you think you are dealing with, anyway? Esau?)

Why Does The Cost of Advertising Change?
I run this blog for fun, not to get rich. I believe in the free market so if nobody is buying ad space for $30, for example, then I will lower it to $25. If nobody buys at $25, the cost of the ad will be lowered to $20, and so on, and so on.

Does Advertising on NMH Really Work?
Yes, it does. But don't just take my word for it. Here are a few testimonials of people who saw results from advertising on NMH:

"Advertising on NMH was an outstanding venue for our retail website, Our NMH ad directly resulted increased sales revenue and the quality of referrals - pages per visit, bounce rate, average time on the site - was much better than any of our other more expensive advertising campaigns. Our NMH advertising experience was both easy and effective. Thanks NMH!"
-Jordan & Raelene Bradley
Owners, Belvedere Designs

"The Normal Mormon Husband has been simply amazing for our business, His website has sent a continuous stream of people our way, which has resulted in consistent sign-ups for our service. We love to hear our friends say, 'We saw your business advertised on Normal Mormon Husband!' He is a well-known, talented blogger, and when he talks, people listen. Getting our ad up on his site has definitely paid off."
-April Perry
Director of Creative Development,

"We are extremely proud to team up with the NMH. Our business at Grahamtastic Stickers doubled within weeks, and his friendly demeanor made all of our interaction a real joy. We look forward to our joint success and growth in the future!"
-Graham Bradley
Grahamtastic Stickers