Thoughts From General Priesthood

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Elder Eyring. Good talk about quorum unity and related some of his experiences from being a Deacon. It never ceases to amaze me when General Authorities who range from 60-95 years old can recall with crystal clarity their experiences as 12 year olds. How do they do this? I can't even remember what I did two weeks ago. Did the GA's think as 12-year-olds, "I'd better write this down because I may need to use it in General Conference in 63 years"?

D. Todd Christofferson.....Glad I'm not 26, single, working at Kinko's 16-hours a week and living in my parents basement. The George Costanza's of the Church probably squirmed a little when he made that reference.....His talk made me grateful that I have a good job, can provide for my family, and remind me that even though at times the responsibilities of life, church, work, etc. can get overwhelming, it is all part of our Father's plan to help us learn to rely on him and progress in life.

Stanley G. Ellis.
I had never thought about how harsh it really does sound to just take care of the talent you are given (cast to outer darkness) instead of adding to it. That really made me think about our responsibility to always be increasing in good works and knowledge. This was the one talk that impacted me the most.

This is a great opportunity for the Joseph Smith (prophet) vs. Joe Smith (1995 no. 1 overall NBA pick) comparison. The Prophet goes from uneducated, humble farmboy to the great prophet of the restoration. Never quits, never gives up, faithful to the end. Joe Smith goes from the wildly-talented number 1 overall pick in the NBA draft to an average role player who has averaged 12 pts. and 7 boards in his 10 year career. He's going to have a lot to account for given the $34 million contract he just completed.

President Faust. Despite sitting in a chair, you can tell he is very mentally alert and strong. He spoke on spiritual nutrition, again drawing from an experience as a young boy hauling salt licks to the cows. He said, "we would never eat spoiled food......" Which made me think, ummmmm, he didn't see what my roommates and I ate at Ricks College, particularly the Ramen noodles that may or may not have been fit for human consumption.

President Monson. Every time I hear one of his talks I think to myself, "Maybe I should go to the hospital and pay somebody a visit". He always seems to put the gospel in action.

President Hinckley. I am reading his biography by Sherri Dew right now and it makes me respect and admire him as an amazing man and wonderful prophet even more. My bets are that "Rise Up O Men of God" rises from obscurity to the #1 Men's Choir song of 2007. When the prophet counsels on the dangers of pornography and the importance of education for young men, we had better listen.


Your progenitors said...

Hi there boppy gaco! Your father wants you to know that he wondered the very same thing you did during priesthood session - about how amazing it is that general authorities are able to remember conversations from when they were 12! So, your very first comment on your cool blog will forever be from your normal mormon father (as dicated to and typed by your almost normal mormon mother!)

Love your blog - at first I didn't think it was yours - I thought we'd hit a commercial venture of some sort - but it's yours and really, it's so very creative - We can't believe you created the whole thing -:)

Love you - you're amazing.
Dad and Mom

7:51 PM
Amy said...

Your first two comments are going to be typed by women!! (-: Your blog is just so cute I couldn't resist but leave a comment. If I feel confident that I could beat you at tennis and maybe give you a run-for-your-money in a free throw contest, can I read your blog? I must admit it's very creative and male-looking. I had the same thought as mom and thought it was some commercial blog and not yours at first. Very impressive.

8:38 AM
Dave said...

Andrew, I think the comment from your progenitors includes a subtle slam to your intelligence.

4:23 PM

I think this blog proves that we Sweats are born to write :-). Love the blog, Drew. Even for an abnormal Mormon wife, I think it's great. I'm passing the link on to Forrest (who is downstairs right now working, while I'm upstairs working . . . and everyone else is at school!)

10:17 AM
Dave said...

Hey Andrew, when are you going to update?

8:45 PM