Dynamite! John Heder Wins LDS All-Star Survivor

Friday, December 22, 2006

Angie, Forrest, Amy, and Andrea - you guys rocked. Those were four of the most creative posts I have ever read. Each one of you made me chuckle as I read through your responses. I know several of you had to neglect work/family duties for extensive periods of time to post your responses, so thank you for having your priorities completely out of whack and dedicating valuable time to my blog.

Gladys Knight and John Heder tied with each receiving two first place votes. Three of the four postings had Gladys and John facing eachother in the finals, and John won in two of those three scenarios. I'll use that as the tie breaker and give John the title of sole Survivor, and winner of Survivor: LDS All-Stars.

Today's Challenge: Who Wins For "Best Survivor Posting?"
There were four outstandingly creative posts on this topic by Angie, Forrest, Amy, and Andrea. Instead of me arbitrarily selecting a winner, we will decide this in true Survivor fashion by casting secret ballots.

Vote for "Best Survivor Posting" by emailing me at goldgoat97@yahoo.com by Tuesday 12/26.
Any reader can cast a vote, even if they did not post a comment. The four participants can ask their friends, associates, relatives, or complete strangers to vote for them if they so desire and the person with the most points wins.

Each vote is worth 5 points. Those who posted the entries will receive 3 points toward your own total for casting a vote, but you cannot vote for your own entry. You can make alliances, post cryptic messages, say your grandmother is dead when she is really living in Florida, etc.

It's going to be an intersting night at camp. Now take your torches and head home.


All of this voting is not needed. There were no Final Challages. There was no voting people off the island. Here is what really happened:

While the four finalists were about to complete their 1st immunity task, the bushes started to rattle and suddenly Kyle Turley lunges out pinning Rulon Gardner, rendering him useless. As quick as Jon Heder could say, “What the Fetch,” Todd Heap jumps out of a tree and does a body slam of both Ken Jennings and Jon Heder. Gladys Knight, she is startled by the events, looses her footing and falls backward to the ground. When she realized what was happening, Mark Madsen is sitting on top of her, not allowing her to move.

Jeff Probst, is so upset, shouts out and demands and explanation. That is when the mastermind behind this Survivor Coupe made his appearance. It was Steve Martin, who incidentally was wearing what looked to be a CTR ring.

Steve and his posse, were bitter about not being selected and decided to take over the game. Jeff Probest knew that he could do nothing, so if you can’t beat them join them. He made the decision to give those four a share of the crown

2:55 PM
Andi said...

ooooo...You're a tricky one, babe. It was a tough choice for me between Angie and Forrest. (Amy was too concise--I needed more detail!) But I guess my vote goes for Angie.

4:58 PM
Ang said...

Woohoo! Thanks, Andi. I hear that Dave has been stacking the deck with multiple email addresses from which to send Amy votes . . . so I need all the help I can get (especially since my husband is my direct competitor!). We're looking forward to seeing you soon! Hope you had a Merry Christamas.

8:53 PM
Your blog said...

Update me please.

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