I've Been Tagged (Now Brandon and Seth Are in My Dog House)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

3 Things I Love
1. My family and the gospel (they really go together)
2. The Ender series by Orson Scott Card
3. My 2nd year QB in Madden 2007 Franchise– Rick Moss. I drafted him in the first round of the 2008 draft, let him sit behind Jake Delhomme for a season, traded Delhomme for Reggie Bush, and now the two are tearing up the league on very low salaries. (Ok, I’m a nerd, but at least I’m an honest nerd)

3 Things I hate
1. When BYU loses to the U. of U. in anything
2. Going 0 for 3 on my last trial contact lenses
3. NBC News for somberly, though somehow gleefully, informing us on a daily basis that the world is a horrible place to live

3 People who make me laugh
1. Jim from “The Office” (I nearly swallowed a lung when he showed up to work dressed like Dwight this week)
2. Anybody who gets injured on America’s Funniest Videos
3. Johnny B

3 Things that scare me
1. Dogs
2. Heights
3. Walking a pit bull over the new Grand Canyon Overhang Bridge

3 Things I don’t understand
1. How I remained sane with a 56k dial up
2. Why John Grisham has become completely irrelevant. I used to wait with baited breath for each of his new novels, devour them in a day or two, and then yearn for the next 18 months for his next one to come out. I have not been impressed with a Grisham novel for 5-6 years. What happened?
3. Why the Lakers have not had a decent Power Forward since James Worthy while trying to compete in the West, where you have to have good big men to guard Duncan, Garnett, Dirk, Amare, Yao, etc.

3 Things on my desk
1. Pictures of my family
2. A sea of yellow sticky notes
3. A sunstone that Andrea got me in Nauvoo

3 Things I plan to do today
1. Weed the garden
2. Finish preparing my 5th Sunday combined Relief Society/Priesthood lesson
3. Track the NFL draft on ESPN.com and hope the Carolina Panthers can get a solid possession Tight End

3 Things I want to do before I die
1. Take Andrea to Chile and show here where I served my mission
2. Finish the sci-fi story that I’ve been working on but have not touched since Christmas break
3. Buy a nice acoustic guitar, write three or four songs that I could be proud of, and professionally record them

3 Things I can do
1. Speak Spanish
2. Fix a clogged/jammed garbage disposal
3. Replace a car battery faster than a NASCAR pit crew thanks to eternal electrical issues from my ownership of a 1988 Ford Escord and a 1998 Kia Sephia

3 Things I can’t do
1. Watch a movie with Richard Gere or Barbara Streisand in it
2. Forgive the NFL for selling the rights to Monday Night Football to ESPN since I do not have cable
3. Become less enough of a tightwad to get cable to watch Monday Night Football on ESPN

3 Things I miss
1. The Wasatch Mountains
2. Waking up at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings, eating a bowl of cereal, and watching college football in my pajamas with my hair uncombed and teeth unbrushed
3. I can’t remember what they were called, but it was a Hostess treat that looks a lot like a cherry pie, but the outside had a chocolate coating and the inside was filled with a vanilla pudding-like substance. Despite my addiction and attempt to keep them on shelves through the millennium, they were discontinued in the late 80’s-early 90’s and I’ve wanted one ever since.

3 Things I’d like to learn
1. How to write a good book/story
2. To speak Chinese and Hindi, imagine the job possibilities in 5-10 years with that language combo
3. Woodworking

3 Things I regret
1. Losing touch with every person I met on my mission
2. Calling an overweight 2nd grade classmate “Fat Albert” and making him cry (honestly, I still feel sick to my stomach about that day. I can still remember every detail of his facial expression when I said it)
3. Waiting until I was about 30 to learn that they saying, “you get what you pay for” is usually true

3 Favorite foods
1. Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream
2. Fresh crab legs from the Dockhouse in Wilmington, NC
3. A juicy steak and shrimp combo meal

3 Favorite TV shows as a kid
1. He-Man
2. Thundercats
3. GI Joe

3 People I tag (You can either post it in the comments section, or on your own blog.)
1. Whitney
2. My Dad
3. Michael Aagard

After the Longest Tribal Council Ever - Forrest Wins Survivor!

Ok, I've been anit-blogging for the past several months because I've been so...uummmm... busy with my .....guhh........new Latin America responsibilities at work! Yeah, that's it. Busy with work. (The sudden halt in blogging had absolutely nothing to do with my purchase of Madden 2007).

I really have felt badly for not posting the Survivor winner after some tremendous comments. In my mind I thought there would be thousands of votes pouring in via email, but all I received were special offers on Canadian prescription drugs and deals to purchase a Ph.D. diplomas for $49.95. Actually, the Ph.D. diploma looks pretty good on my resume now, so you can start calling Dr. D. Andrew Sweat, Ph.D. in Criminal Psychology.

Congratulations to Forrest for being the ultimate Survivor and winning the vote. It was the wonderfully clever conspiracy that Ken Jennings is actually a robot. So many things became clear in my mind once I was able to grasp Ken's true origins.

I will not be blogging as much as I was before, but every week or two I will try to get something up.