After the Longest Tribal Council Ever - Forrest Wins Survivor!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ok, I've been anit-blogging for the past several months because I've been so...uummmm... busy with my Latin America responsibilities at work! Yeah, that's it. Busy with work. (The sudden halt in blogging had absolutely nothing to do with my purchase of Madden 2007).

I really have felt badly for not posting the Survivor winner after some tremendous comments. In my mind I thought there would be thousands of votes pouring in via email, but all I received were special offers on Canadian prescription drugs and deals to purchase a Ph.D. diplomas for $49.95. Actually, the Ph.D. diploma looks pretty good on my resume now, so you can start calling Dr. D. Andrew Sweat, Ph.D. in Criminal Psychology.

Congratulations to Forrest for being the ultimate Survivor and winning the vote. It was the wonderfully clever conspiracy that Ken Jennings is actually a robot. So many things became clear in my mind once I was able to grasp Ken's true origins.

I will not be blogging as much as I was before, but every week or two I will try to get something up.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, normal mormon husband. Devoured every comment on your lists of 3's.

10:54 AM
Ang said...

I was robbed. ROBBED, I tell you! Even after four months, it still stings to be beaten, especially by my husband. Isn't he cocky enough already? :-)

Dude, I've been missing your blog. There's Madden, but then there's the reading public, you know, and we gotta have Drew throw us a bone at least once a month. Sure, you're the Bishop, the new Big Dude at work, and compelled to play way too much pretend football (both the electronic and fantasy variety)--but you're such a talented blogger. Gotta keep it up! (No pressure!)

Loved your list! And REALLY loved the picture.

11:04 AM
andrea said...

Angie, have you been feeding Forrest? Doesn't work pay for him to eat while he's on work trips? He's looking pretty skeletal in the photo with Jeff.

12:31 PM
Anonymous said...

Thanks for the belated honor. I'll, um, treasure it.
Loved your 3's, especially learning that you get what you pay for. I guess those off brand NFL computer games finally taught you a lesson. There's Madden and then there's everyone else.
Gotta go. Angie is telling me from the other room that Wyatt has two different nipples. Kids never get boring.
PS Question, what is the best bear!

10:13 AM