I've Been Tagged (Now Brandon and Seth Are in My Dog House)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

3 Things I Love
1. My family and the gospel (they really go together)
2. The Ender series by Orson Scott Card
3. My 2nd year QB in Madden 2007 Franchise– Rick Moss. I drafted him in the first round of the 2008 draft, let him sit behind Jake Delhomme for a season, traded Delhomme for Reggie Bush, and now the two are tearing up the league on very low salaries. (Ok, I’m a nerd, but at least I’m an honest nerd)

3 Things I hate
1. When BYU loses to the U. of U. in anything
2. Going 0 for 3 on my last trial contact lenses
3. NBC News for somberly, though somehow gleefully, informing us on a daily basis that the world is a horrible place to live

3 People who make me laugh
1. Jim from “The Office” (I nearly swallowed a lung when he showed up to work dressed like Dwight this week)
2. Anybody who gets injured on America’s Funniest Videos
3. Johnny B

3 Things that scare me
1. Dogs
2. Heights
3. Walking a pit bull over the new Grand Canyon Overhang Bridge

3 Things I don’t understand
1. How I remained sane with a 56k dial up
2. Why John Grisham has become completely irrelevant. I used to wait with baited breath for each of his new novels, devour them in a day or two, and then yearn for the next 18 months for his next one to come out. I have not been impressed with a Grisham novel for 5-6 years. What happened?
3. Why the Lakers have not had a decent Power Forward since James Worthy while trying to compete in the West, where you have to have good big men to guard Duncan, Garnett, Dirk, Amare, Yao, etc.

3 Things on my desk
1. Pictures of my family
2. A sea of yellow sticky notes
3. A sunstone that Andrea got me in Nauvoo

3 Things I plan to do today
1. Weed the garden
2. Finish preparing my 5th Sunday combined Relief Society/Priesthood lesson
3. Track the NFL draft on ESPN.com and hope the Carolina Panthers can get a solid possession Tight End

3 Things I want to do before I die
1. Take Andrea to Chile and show here where I served my mission
2. Finish the sci-fi story that I’ve been working on but have not touched since Christmas break
3. Buy a nice acoustic guitar, write three or four songs that I could be proud of, and professionally record them

3 Things I can do
1. Speak Spanish
2. Fix a clogged/jammed garbage disposal
3. Replace a car battery faster than a NASCAR pit crew thanks to eternal electrical issues from my ownership of a 1988 Ford Escord and a 1998 Kia Sephia

3 Things I can’t do
1. Watch a movie with Richard Gere or Barbara Streisand in it
2. Forgive the NFL for selling the rights to Monday Night Football to ESPN since I do not have cable
3. Become less enough of a tightwad to get cable to watch Monday Night Football on ESPN

3 Things I miss
1. The Wasatch Mountains
2. Waking up at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings, eating a bowl of cereal, and watching college football in my pajamas with my hair uncombed and teeth unbrushed
3. I can’t remember what they were called, but it was a Hostess treat that looks a lot like a cherry pie, but the outside had a chocolate coating and the inside was filled with a vanilla pudding-like substance. Despite my addiction and attempt to keep them on shelves through the millennium, they were discontinued in the late 80’s-early 90’s and I’ve wanted one ever since.

3 Things I’d like to learn
1. How to write a good book/story
2. To speak Chinese and Hindi, imagine the job possibilities in 5-10 years with that language combo
3. Woodworking

3 Things I regret
1. Losing touch with every person I met on my mission
2. Calling an overweight 2nd grade classmate “Fat Albert” and making him cry (honestly, I still feel sick to my stomach about that day. I can still remember every detail of his facial expression when I said it)
3. Waiting until I was about 30 to learn that they saying, “you get what you pay for” is usually true

3 Favorite foods
1. Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream
2. Fresh crab legs from the Dockhouse in Wilmington, NC
3. A juicy steak and shrimp combo meal

3 Favorite TV shows as a kid
1. He-Man
2. Thundercats
3. GI Joe

3 People I tag (You can either post it in the comments section, or on your own blog.)
1. Whitney
2. My Dad
3. Michael Aagard


Ang said...

The next time I go over to Mom and Dad's, I'm going to MAKE Dad do this!

11:04 AM
andrea said...

Honey, for my birthday can I have a pit bull? And, can we take him for a walk at the Grand Canyon's new bridge? PLLLLEEEEAASSSSEE???

Hey, it worked to get you to ride the Stratosphere rides with me. I thought it was worth a try.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for blogging again. You've officially moved to first place in my list of three people who make me laugh.

12:34 PM
andrea said...

Hey, I just found this online petition to bring back Hostess Pudding Pies. Thought you might be interested: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/hostesspuddingpies/

12:38 PM
Jeremy said...

Don't ya just love when you make a deal of the century on Madden. I'll never forget, on NCAA 04, when I was playing a dynasty with the Longhorns I noticed this unnamed redshirt freshmen quarterback who was unbelievably fast and had a cannon for an arm. He started for 4 years for me and won back to back to back to back Heismann Trophies. Then I exported his draft class onto Madden from the same year and pulled of several blockbuster trades to land him with the #1 pick. He came into the league as a 94 rated qb. I was never so excited in all my days as a virtual GM. Of course, after that, I realized that the man I knew as Darius Jordan was actually Vince Young, but I felt like I discovered him all by myself...
...I know...I'm an idiot...but I'm cool in my mind.

1:38 PM
Natalie said...

I honestly thought that Dwight dressing up as Jim was just as funny if not funnier on the Office this past week. I mean that move he kept doing with his hair was hilarious!


5:38 AM
Amy said...

You're back, huh? We were just discussing taking the link to your blog off of the "Noteworthy Blogs" section of our blog just a few days ago. Thanks for the list!

6:36 AM
Patrick said...

Ah, Jim and Dwight...genius comic relief. Great list, very funny.

By the way, I hate the word verification, how can I "enter the letters as they are shown in the image" what I can't change the color and I have no idea what font their using...ridiculous.

10:38 AM
Michael said...

I just noticed today I was tagged... Here is the link to the one I did:



6:57 AM
Denny & Joe said...

Loved your list, Andrew. I don't recall ever eating a pudding pie, but your description of them made me wish they'd come back, too.

9:59 AM
dad said...

drew, don't you know that mom handles all of my writing. It's the only way I graduated from the u.of u.
I wrote a real funny one but it didn't send.

11:01 AM
Barb's dad said...

Dennis --
So THAT'S why you married my daughter !!!

8:58 PM
Dad's wife said...

Drew - you must feel like the MAN - dad commented on your blog! True, he did not follow through and list his 3's as a result of being "tagged" but at least daddy man acknowledged the concept! And I did write some of dad's college papers, until one of his professor's wrote in the margin "Good paper Dennis - you seem very sensitive for a man."

Love you - good luck with the house hunting, world traveling, parenting, bishoping. Do you think you'll plant any tomatoes?

9:24 PM
jeff said...

Drew - i love the 3 thing idea. i figure that if i only had to list 3 things i could be a consistent blogger, so i am stealing your idea for my blog.

i enjoyed looking through your blog. you make me laugh.

1:44 AM
Jacqueline21 said...

"I can’t remember what they were called, but it was a Hostess treat that looks a lot like a cherry pie, but the outside had a chocolate coating and the inside was filled with a vanilla pudding-like substance. Despite my addiction and attempt to keep them on shelves through the millennium, they were discontinued in the late 80’s-early 90’s and I’ve wanted one ever since"

Oh my! I remember those! They were my fave! I have also searched for those over the years. Now I am craving one. Thanks.

12:29 PM