Don't Mess With Shelley

Friday, May 18, 2007

Congrats to Shelley for winning the coveted Don't Mess With Me Award for the way she handled her Voice Stream bill that went to collections. The majority of us ended our lousy experiences with a statement such as, " I stormed off in a huff and have never been back!" or " I said, 'I want to talk with your supervisor!'"

Is this how Shelley reacted? Oh, no no no. She took it to the next level when her story escalated to, "So I called the State Attorney General's office...". It is this kind of malicious and persistent pursuit of justice that won her the award.

There were a couple of companies/industries that were beaten up pretty bad - David's Bridal (Jackie and Shannon) and the big box retailers Wal-Mart/K-Mart (Harmons, Tom, and Angie). I thought it was funny that two car dealerships were mentioned, but the people who posted (Sandy and Natalie) either couldn't remember the name of the dealership or didn't mention it. Come on, guys, you're either not worked up enough about what happened if you can't remember the name of the dealership or else you are letting them off way too easy if you just chose not to mention it.

So why put Shelley's head on Mr. T's body? Funny story, actually. Since this is the Don't Mess With Me Award, I asked myself, "Who in the world would I never mess with?" The first two names that came to mind were Mike Tyson in the early 1990's and Mr. T. Since I couldn't pick one or the other, I asked Andrea to give me the name of one person off the top of her head that she would never mess with. She paused briefly then said, "Ummm.....Mr. T?" She didn't sound very convincing, but if we both thought Mr. T then you have to go with it.

If Mr. T sues me for superimpsoing Shelley's face on to his body, I will have Shelley serve as my legal representative. I have a feeling she would tear them apart. I pity the fools already.


Shelley said...

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Victorious!!!! I'm not sure which feels better, winning this award, having my head on Mr. T's body, or sticking it to VoiceStream. Maybe all of the above. I'd like to thank my dad, for genetically giving me my "inner pitbull" as my mom calls it; my mom, for telling me that I can do anything; and the fans - I couldn't have done it without you. I'd also like to give a shout-out to all the worthy opponents out there. It was a tough match, but somebody had to win. You guys are formidable players. If I were a below-par consumerable service out there, I wouldn't want to mess with you. Thanks again!

PS - I think we're all a little glad I didn't go to law school.

7:38 AM
Shelley's Mom said...

Hysterical!!!!! Fortunately I decided to read all of Andrew's blogs yesterday (don't know why, guess I was inspired), so I knew about the newest contest but had read none of the entries. Shelley's sister, Shannon, told me I had to check out the winner today! What a hoot!__you guys should seriously consider your sense of humor as fodder for some kind of sitcom!!! Ratings would be better than The Office!

3:15 PM
Sandy said...

It was the Brent Brown used car dealership in Provo...just for the record (I asked Jake). I could even tell you the name of the salesman in question, but he was actually the father of one of my special ed maybe that wouldn't be such a nice thing to do...Maybe I should go back as a mystery shopper and take Shelley with me, haha.

6:13 PM
andrea said...

Major props to Shelley. If the same thing had happened to me, I'd probably either be living in my parents basement or renting a crappy apt because I had no credit to buy a house.

11:00 AM
Natalie said...

Congrats to Shelley. The car dealership was a Nissan dealership in Durham on 15-501. I know that doesn't help much, but I can't remember! It was so painful I blocked it out!

8:41 AM
Jeremy said...

Of course you had to go with Mr. T. Iron Mike got beaten by Buster Douglas. Not even Cancer could beat Mr. T! Congrats Shelley.

7:54 PM
Barbara II said...

Oh, and here's my quote: "Hello - my name is Milton Montoya. You killed my iguana. Prepare to die :)"

10:25 PM