Write A Million Dollar Movie Plot

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'll explain the details and reasons for this challenge later in the post, but the gist of this competition is for each of you creative blogger-types to write a brief movie plot. Not only will the winner receive bragging rites, but I will actually bring the winning submission to life by making a short film based upon the winner's plot. I'll use cheesy household items, lame props, and my family's wonderful acting abilities to make a short movie which will be posted on the blog through Youtube. The winner will be recognized in the credits as the Writer, right alongside the Key Grip, Gaffer, Assistant Sound Technician and Boom Mike Operator. It should be cheesy, fun, and embarassing all at the same time. So, here is what you need to do:

1. Comment with a brief plot overview, similar to a 60-second elevator speech, from one of 3 options below.
2. Give your film a title.
3. Write a specific word-for-word quote that you would like to appear in the movie. Preferably something corny that Schwartzenegger would say, such as, "You're call is very important to us, please continue on hold the line..............while I terminate you".
4. Be creative, off-the-wall, and give me a script to be proud of - write a little about how they got in the situation(s) they are in, the perils/twists/turns they experience, why we should care, and how everything gets concluded.

If you have the mental energy to do this, just take one of these three summaries and expand upon it using the criteria above:

1. A slightly nerdy, middle-class Mormon family experiences adventure when they obtain a magical Dodge Grand Caravan that allows them to travel through time.
2. In the year 2356, a power struggle between a five-year-old Jedi and his three-year-old Princess sister will determine if the lego/bionicle-boys or the princess-girls will control the universe.
3. A devistatingly attractive female dentist and her hygenist husband learn that one of their patients is involved in a plot to destroy the world, and the fate of humanity rests in their hands.

The reason I want to do this is because of a new show that I just started watching called "The Lot". Even though I only watch a little bit of TV, I always get a little bummed out when all of the season finales are done with my core group of shows. With Survivior, American Idol, and Lost all winding down, Seventh Heaven getting cancelled, and the NFL season nowhere in sight, we are officially entering the lame summer months where there is almost nothing good to watch. (Just kidding on me watching Seventh Heaven, just wanted to make sure you were still paying attention).

Every summer there seems to be one or two shows that surprise me and are watchable, like the Biggest Loser. (Side note - Every time Andrea and I watch Biggest Loser together I serve myself a heaping bowl of ice cream, slather it with Hersheys syrup, sit down on the couch, and say in a disgusted voice through a mouthfull of Breyers, "How could they let themselves go like that?" It's always good for a laugh.)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the premier of "The Lot". The general premise is that the producers received thousands of short films and invited 30 aspiring Directors to Hollywood. It is an Apprentice-like elimination process that will conclude with one winner who will be able to direct a real Hollywood blockbuster. In the first episode, the three judges gave each of the contestants 24-hours to prepare to pitch a show with scenarios like the three I listed above. It was incredible how many of these articulate people who can write, film, edit, and publish exceptional short films could not muster a coherent sentence at times when trying to explain a possible plot. I thought to myself, "how hard can it be?" and am hoping that each of you can help answer the question with your submissions.

Best of luck. Maybe the winning submission and subsequent short film will become the next Youtube sensation, get us featured on Good Morning America, get picked up by Dreamworks, make us a bizillion dollars, move to Hollywood, blow all of our money, make a terrible film with Ben Affleck, become industry outcasts, disappear from the scene for seven years, and then return with an Emmy-winning movie with Kathy Bates, Dakota Fanning, Pee-Wee Herman, and Robert Redford. I hope you are ready for a wild ride.


Shelley said...

We are all either too scared to submit an entry or too overwhelmed by trying to make it be a winning entry. I'm waiting to see who goes first on this one... Oh, and "slightly nerdy" - don't you think you're giving yourself too much credit?

11:59 AM
Tom said...

I have some great ideas for screenplays....unfortunately none of them are about any of the three scenarios that you have as options. Also, if I publish them in this open forum, I lose the ability to sell them for millions later on in life.

2:37 PM

I have to work on a screenplay... I'll get back to you. But just so you know, Kyle XY is awesome and it starts June 11.

4:21 PM
Sandy said...

I'll have to think about this one (meaning: Jake needs to think about this, but I can type his ideas really fast). And let's admit here what this is really all about, shall we? You guys are running out of things to do for Family Home Evening, aren't you...

8:36 PM
andrea said...

Alright. Alright. I'm not the best writer in this bunch, but I'll go ahead and give it a shot.

I'm going with scenario #3.

Alisyn, an ambitious and fun-loving LDS 20-something just finished dental school. She had been hoping to marry and start a family when she graduated, but the right guy never came along. So she joined a large dental practice and met an attractive male hygienist, Cameron, who could always make her laugh. They hit it off and the romance began. After a whirlwind engagement, they were married and life began to take the path Alisyn had been waiting for....until they met Damon. Damon was a patient of theirs who admitted to heavy drug use in his health history. While trying to help him stop his habit, Alisyn and Cameron are dragged into an undercover drug sting where both of their lives are in danger. Will their love be strong enough to get them through this? Dun dun DUN.

8:03 AM

THANK YOU ANDREA! Finally, somebody was willing to step it up and put in a plot summary. You will all have through Monday, 5/28 to get your submission in.

I knew this challenge would require a little effort, but I'm shocked - SHOCKED! - at the lack of entries so far. I'm hoping it is because most of you are giving this a tremendous amount of thought, revising your ideas, and getting ready to post them. You've got through Monday.


8:53 AM
Barbara said...

Seconds before the Dodge Caravan skidded off the freeway and landed in the enchanted swamp, Milt Hodson had been on on cruise control. He was driving feetless, his size 12 Adidas and his 12-year-old marriage joyfully motionless. Right before the Caravan rolled the first time, he'd turned to glance at his wife Rowena, who was writing rapidly on her yellow legal pad - "onions in 72-hour kits?" and shaking her bananded head as though she was scolding her own thoughts as quickly as they flowed from her pen. The iguana on her shoulder belched. The sound lingered as the Dodge was airborn, but was lost in the chaos as the Dodge hit the water. Luckily, Rowena had had packed the 72-hour kits in the Caravan, and had just taught basic Life Saving for an enrichment activity. Her lifetime of preparedness kicked into gear faster than the Caravan ever had and she grabbed the Iguana and held onto Milt's now very necessary foot as they effortlessly floated to the top of the lagoon. The water seemed carbonated and the bubbles alive with energy, urging them toward the hazy amber sunlight.......

10:16 PM
Barbara II said...

Oops, they're supposed to travel through time in the Dodge Caravan - they will. The bubbles will allow them to have powers. And my quote will be, "Hello. My name is Milton Montoya. You killed my iguana. Prepare to die."

10:26 PM

Ok, here goes, although it may differ a little from the scenarios you presented...

A family of superheros; the dad (a Russian giant)named Kuneega (Russian for book) who harnesses the power of the Book of Mormon to convert the enemy; the mom, named The Scrapper, who captures the enemy in awesomely laid-out scrapbook pages ,and the two kids; Factoid who will spout off amazing facts to daze the enemy, and Princess Belle who dazzles the enemies with her timeless beauty. They must unite against the evil Dr. Smith, a dentist who is secretly lacing the world's food supplies with super corrosive sugar so the entire world population's (including all the other dentists in the world) teeth fall out, thus having to go to Dr. Smith to get dentures, thus boosting his business a hundred-fold. Will they make it in time?! And will they be able to keep their teeth in the process?! Find out soon!

10:43 AM
Jeremy said...

A short time ago in a neighborhood not so far away…

The fearless, young Jedi master Bran-Don Jinn is in a tight spot. Princess Kitty and her evil Federation of PinkTroopers have ravaged all of the yards in the neighborhood. Bran-Don has been pursued through every room in the house trying to escape the wrath of Kitty. Now, he faces his most desperate hour, the showdown with Kitty who shouts out, “You Fool!” and then unleashes the dreaded Ma-zilla, the 6 ft. tall, tutu wearing tower of power who, to Bran-Don’s horror, ends up being his real mother. Bran-Don suffers a tragic defeat to Ma-zilla and is on the brink of giving in to the Pink side of the Force, when Cletus Puddlehopper, the 6’6” smuggler of all things manly, swoops into the drive way in his ship, the Annual Sparrow. As Cletus always says, “It may not look like much, but it made the High Point/Vandalia run to church in under 20 minutes. It’s fast enough for you little man.”
Bran-Don is spirited away to the playground where he receives intense training in the Blue side of the Force. He learns the skills of making mud pies, getting grass stains on everything, and most importantly, how to give himself a cootie shot. He and Cletus return to the house of Sweatsylvania to overthrow Princess Kitty and the dreaded Ma-zilla. Will our daring duo survive the perilous peril of baking cookies for themselves? Can Bran-Don ever find common ground with his estranged, super tall mother, Ma-zilla? Who will come out on the short end of the light saber battle between Bran-don and Kitty? Can Cletus out duel Ma-zilla in the dreaded Sing Star Showdown? And, how will the entire cast survive the brutal “You Got Served” dance competition that breaks out in the middle of it all? Tune in this summer to see. As Bran-Don always says, “I like the Blue side about 20 percent more than I like the Pink side.” May the Lego/Bionicles be with you.

10:48 AM

Oh yeah, and my title and quote...
"Too close for water jets, switching to drills" (in reference to weapons)
and the title is Tooth Wars.

10:55 AM
Jeremy said...

Yeah, Forgot my title too.

House Wars: Episode II
Electric Boogaloo.

7:54 AM
Paul said...

Not a Mini-Van

Ted and Samantha had been struggling with the nauseating thought of owning a mini-van for the past three months. The family sedan had been shrinking over the years with new family additions and the SUV had been shrinking the family budget thanks to absurd gas prices. Ted knew there was only one thing he and his family could do to remedy the situation…….buy a mini-van. Ted couldn’t stand the thought of pulling into the driveway with a nice buck strapped to the top of a mini-van and Samantha did not want to spend thirty minutes every Sunday after church trying to find their mini-van among all the others. But, times were tough and they new what they needed to do.

They had no clue that their lives would change forever when they were pulling out of the Dodge dealership in their brand new Dodge Grand Caravan……

As they were driving home on the interstate, topping out at the high speed of 65mph, something unexpected happened. Their mini-van magically transformed into a high tech time travel device!!!! Ted knew he and his family had happened upon a great tool that they could use to change the world. But right now Ted only had one thing on his mind.

First, he decided to go back in time and make sure oil prices would never get higher than $1.00. He didn’t know how he would do it but, by golly, he was going to make it happen. Second, he would go back to the early 80’s and make sure that Lee Iacoca (and all the other auto makers) would never allow the mini-van to hit the assembly line. Ted would make sure that no man (or woman) would have to go through the humiliation of owning a mini-van, that teenagers would never have to worry about having friends when it came time to getting a ride to the dance, and that there wouldn’t be any more wise cracks about the mini-van being considered a form of birth control. He would make sure that the world would be made right once again.

8:56 PM
Ang said...

Okay, so I'm not writing a plot. I passed the deadline, and even though I know you're on a cruise and probably wouldn't notice as you laze your days away, sunning yourself poolside and sipping virgin strawberry daquiris, I am not one to break the rules. I have to put in a vote for Mom's plot, though. Hilarious. And I'm not even being prejudiced since I sprang from her loins and all.

3:43 PM