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Friday, June 29, 2007

Just to keep people interested in the movie project that I have undertaken, I have completed the trailer. It still may take a little while to get the script written and the movie made, but I would like to have it done sometime this summer. Andrea and I just watched the AFI top-100 films of all-time, and I think this one will land somewhere between Lawrence of Arabia and Dumb and Dumber.

Again, major props to Andrea for submitting the original idea. I think we will be pioneering the "Dental Suspense" genre of film. It's a watershed moment in the industry, right up there with the inventions of color film, dolby surround sound, CGI, and the Sound Effects Guy from the Police Academy movies.

Please let me know if you live in Greensboro and would like to have a part. (I've already cast Greg, unbeknownst to him, as the mysterious Damon Thingy, so I hope he's okay with that). Here are some of the parts that need to be filled.

- Dr. Addus - Male - World famous dentist. Actor needs to be able to play a confident, bordering on arrogant, dentist.
- Police Officer #1 and #2 - Either gender, must be able to pull off a stone-cold face.
- New Anchor - Either gender. He or she who can best pull off the Kent Bates persona wins.
- Extras - Unlimited number of people who want to just have a cameo can be written into the script, just for the sake of fun.

Please feel free to liberally post your comments about the chilling trailer that you are about to enjoy.......

**By the way, YouTube has released a annoying new feature that allows YouTube to automatically add additional "related" videos at the end of your clip. It is called the Menu and it YouTube takes far too many liberties with the clips they select to put on this menu. For example, they must use an algorithm that identifies this as a Mormon blog. I was surprised to play my video, and then have several other videos suddenly appear for me to select from. Many of these were anti-Mormon videos.

I found a great website that shows how to disable this horribly intrusive, annoying function that YouTube really messed up. It is:

All you need to add is &rel-0 in the right part of the code. For those of you who post videos to your blogs, I would strongly recommend that you do this because you have no control over the content of the videos YouTube will supply. Shame on YouTube. It is an otherwise great service, but this is not in the best interest of its users.


I didn't know you were able to get Harrison Ford as the mystery man.


4:59 AM
andrea said...

I see a future here, honey! You are the best. I'm glad you're taking some creative liberties with my script, because I had no idea what I was doing. :)

3:37 PM
dave said...

try using google video. It's better than YouTube although they're owned by the same company.

7:46 PM
jeff said...

any chance that the soundtrack can be done by the fatheads?

11:19 PM
Barbara said...

Andrew - I've always known you and Andrea's marriage was meant to be, but now I have a deeper insight as to another reason why - no other couple has achieved the combined blinding dental whitness that you two possess, and that necessary for you to star in this movie. Who is your artistic director? love the chalk-board.

Mama Bear

1:44 PM
Some annoying English major said...

GREAT TRAILER! But...the title of your movie is spelled wrong.

7:41 AM
Sandy said...

Nice, Andrew. I think you need some severed teeth thrown into that last title block for a more horrific effect, however:) Remember that floating Jeffrey R. Holland head in the MCKB studio "demonstration video"? I should have known then that you were destined for theatrical special effects greatness and bought some stock in your company. Then I might have been able to afford two red minivans instead of just one.

Seriously, though - can't wait to see the finished product!

8:47 AM
Natalie said...

Those pictures of Greg are hilarious! And a little bit scary with that music playing in the background.

I would like to audition for the police officer part.

Let me know where to submit my resume.

9:02 AM
Ang said...

I am not the English major in question! (But I bet you can guess who is.) This English major didn't even notice :-). Loved the trailer. It looks a lot better to me than the movies on that "On the Lot" show. I watched it a couple of times, hoping to like it (it fits my "talented people competing at stuff" type of reality show that I like) but I'm sorry to say the show's a stinker. That host is so annoying. And all the fake clapping! And most of the movies are awful. You should enter!

3:38 PM
Ang said...

Okay, I just reread that and it sounds like I'm saying you should enter because your movie is also awful. NOT what I meant. What I meant is that your movie is already much better than any of those. But I doubt the show will last for more than one season anyway. Okay, now I'll stop babbling.

3:39 PM
grandpa hiatt said...

Though I have been known to comment on spelling, punctuation and grammar to friends and relatives, I want to go on record as Angie did: I AM NOT THE ANNOYING ENGLISH MAJOR. (My major was theatre, with speech as a minor)
Is there any way some of us Utah fans could be CGI-ed into your movie?
Or maybe one of us could be the Wasatch Front advance man when it's released.
As for where I think your movie will be listed in the future: somewhere behind "Citizen Kane" but way way ahead of "Napoleon Dynamite."

1:41 PM