Amen, Elder Ballard. Amen.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This post is going to be a little different than most of the trivial stuff I normally put on this blog. It will be short, simple, sincere, and completely devoid of references to He-Man characters and reality television.

Elder Ballard's General Conference talk geared toward young mothers really touched me. As a man who is married to a young mother, I want to thank Elder Ballard for his message. (I wanted to call myself a "young father", but I seem to age two years for every one of Andrea's. In twenty years we will be one of those couples where the wife looks like she is in her early forties but the husband looks like he's approaching seventy, even though they are the same age). Most young mothers probably felt loved knowing that an Apostle saw and appreciated the daily sacrifices, struggles, and the pressures of their lives. It made me personally grateful for having a wonderful, supportive, happy, fun, creative, spiritual, and optimistic wife who is raising our children so well. (And she's hot, too).

On occasion I visit the blogs of those of you who comment on my posts. Most of you are young moms with blogs largely focused on your children. How blessed those kids are to have you there to teach, lead, correct, and love them. We are lucky as Normal Mormon Husbands to have so many Normal Mormon Wives doing exactly what Elder Ballard suggested, or will begin doing what he taught a little more often.

Actually, there is nothing "normal" about what each of you do. You are amazing. Thank you!


Carolyn said...

I'm more and more sorry that I missed the talk. I've heard so many people talking about what a great talk it was. Instead of listening to conference on the internet like I was supposed to be doing, I was tending to my kids. Some sort of weird irony there.

6:33 AM
Terri H said...

I definately was touched and greatful... It is awe inspiring to be reminded that we to are children of a wonderful Father in Heaven and he loves us.

6:57 AM
A Good Husband said...

'Twas a great talk. I have a post about it set up to come out tomorrow. Men need to read that talk over.

7:59 AM
kris... said...

Amen is right! I want to print that talk out and paste it on the refrigerator as a reminder to myself and my entire family and make them read it daily!!!

9:42 AM
Colleen said...

I totally revamped an almost-planned Enrichment to focus on that talk instead. Fantastic talk.

10:01 AM
Amy Howe said...

Amen, amen! It was (for obvious reasons) my favorite talk this conference! ;)

10:57 AM
Erika said...

Thanks for this post. :) I really appreciated Elder Ballard's talk.

On another note, this is the only blog my husband reads, so it's nice to have a fun blog to talk about together. Thanks for all your fun posts. :)

12:54 PM
normal mormon wife said...

Thanks, honey. You're the best.

It's also wonderful to have a husband who understands when he comes home from work and the house is a disaster, the kids are both filthy, and I'm exhausted, that I didn't just sit around all day doing nothing.

3:08 PM
Ang said...

Yes, the talk was really great. Even though I don't feel so young any more, I suppose having a 1 year old keeps me in the "young mother" category, and I appreciated Elder Ballard's sincerity and kindness.

4:32 PM

Thank you for your post. I, too, loved Elder Ballard's talk and thought, "YES! HE GETS IT!"


5:24 PM
Sandy said...

That was a really great talk -for both the moms and their husbands!

6:46 PM
bioman75 said...

Agreed great talk. My wife works really hard with two boys and another on the way. She really appreciated what he said in the talk. She is a wonderful woman.

8:46 PM
Webb Family said...

I recorded conference & I love to go back and watch them. His was by far my favorite.

9:41 AM
E said...

Nice post. This post is an example of what I really like about Mormon men.

9:02 PM

Very well put, Normal Mormon Hubby.
I actually had my two oldest children tuned in to Elder Ballards talk as well (normally they are making up any excuse to leave the room to "get something"). It was a talk for young Mom's, Dad's and kids...we all needed to hear it. My brewd and I all felt humbled and grateful for his counsel.

4:17 PM
Rebekah said...

He really hit the nail on the head. I loved his talk. It was very moving. Reminds me that no matter how dirty my house is, if my kids are happy then it's all worth it!

9:25 PM