The Mt. Rushmore of Fast Food

Monday, May 05, 2008

My job responsibilities require me to travel once or twice a month to visit the manufacturing plants that I oversee from an HR standpoint. While I generally dislike traveling since nearly every flight is delayed and it's hard to fold a 6'6" body into a cramped middle seat on a US Air regional jet, there are a few perks that go along with it. The first is that I get to stay in hotels that completely spoil me. When our family takes a vacation we almost always Priceline our motel and see what we can get for $29.99 per night. When I travel for work, we get company rates for nice places like the Ritz-Carlton (Pasadena) and Weston (Boston). Yeah, I've become a hotel snob, but it is the least the company can do after the headaches, physical toll, and separation from family that come with business travel.

The second perk that comes with traveling for work is that I can go to restaurants that are a little classier than I normally go to. All of my meals comply with the company travel policy and I am not racking up hundred dollar tabs or anything, but I tend to eat more fillet mignon than Nachos Bell Grande when I am out of town for work.

Two weeks ago I was visiting my plant in Rock Hill, South Carolina and only had a few minutes for lunch and the closest restaurant was Hardee's. (Note: It is called "Hardee's" in the eastern states and "Carl's Jr." in the west. This was a difficult adjustment for me when we moved from Arizona to North Carolina. Also, in the east "Dryers" ice cream is called "Edie's" and small hills are called "mountains". Sometimes I feel like I'm living int the Twilight Zone out here. I live in constant fear that a possessed, talking wind-up doll is going to threaten my life any day now.) It was the first time I had been to Hardee's/Carl's Jr. in about six years. Ever since Hardee's decided to market itself by essentially saying, "Forget it! Women never eat here anyway! Let's just embrace this fact and start making sexist commercials, offend every woman in America, and stack our menu with burgers containing three pounds of meat. We can also post signs on our doors that say, 'No Girls Allowed' and give swirlies to nerdy-looking guys who dare to come in here and eat lunch with all of the burly construction workers who pack our restaurant." Their effort to isolate females has been successful with the NMW, so we never eat at Hardee's.

Since I was by myself and my company was paying for lunch, I decided to branch out and order a Jalapeño Thick Burger. It was so big and heavy that they rolled it out to me on a dolly and then team-lifted it up to my table. The next several minutes passed as follows:

12:16 - Took first bite.
12:18 - Still chewing first bite.
12:22 - Swallowed first jalapeño pepper, back of neck beginning to sweat.
12:27 - Finished half of burger, only 420 calories and 29 grams of fat left to go.
12:29 - Feeling...really...sleepy.
12:51 - Wake up from power nap, stomach feels prepared to continue conquest of Jalapeño Thick Burger.
12:57 - Experienced jalapeño-induced hallucination featuring Mayor McCheese, a flame thrower, the A-Team, and a talking Pez dispenser.
1:06 - Finally finished the entire burger.
1:08 - Heart stops beating, collapse to the floor.
1:13 - Resuscitated by Hardee's staff who happen to be well-trained in the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) since customers go into cardiac arrest on a daily basis before leaving the restaurant.

Despite the six pounds I gained that day, I absolutely loved the burger. While I was eating it I was mentally ranking where the Jalapeño Thick Burger fell when compared to my other favorite fast food menu items. My conclusion? Fourth. After giving this topic a significant amount of thought, here is my Mount Rushmore (Top-4) of fast food menu items:

#4 - Hardee's Jalapeño Thick Burger
#3 - Subway Cold Cut Trio (with extra mayo, lettuce, and extra black olives)
#2 - Arby's Chicken Cordon Bleu (with extra mayo)
#1 - McDonald Big Mac (with extra sauce)

If you are wondering - yes, I weigh 420 pounds and there is more mayonnaise coursing through my veins than white blood cells. Oh well, whatever doesn't kill you only damages important internal organs. Because so many of the people who read this blog fit the fast food demographic [on-the-go with young kids, possibly in college, and frugal (read: cheap)], I thought it would be interesting to get your take on your Mount Rushmore of fast food menu items.

Please post a comment with your top-4 fast food menu items. Based upon the results, I will set up a poll sometime over the next few days to let everybody vote until we ultimately determine the most popular fast food item in the world.

And if you have never tried the Jalapeño Thick Burger, you really should. If nothing else, the hallucinations make it totally worth it. Just watch out for the burly construction guys. They'll have your head in a toilet faster than you can swipe your debit card. Believe me, I know.

(On occasion a comment gets posted that deserves to be highlighted or instigates a response from me. In order to help these side conversations not get buried in the usual comments section, I'm going to post about them here.)

-Pappy Yokum:
I think you are right that Training Table and other sit-down restaurants do not qualify as fast food. I should have clarified that better in the beginning. I think the restaurant needs to have a legitimate drive-thru or be a small mom-and-pop to be considered.

-Carolyn: YAMMCUALLSH (that is the acronym for "You almost made me caugh up a lung laughing so hard). I'm hoping it replaces ROTFL, we'll see. Your account of the drive-thru attendant answering your question with, "Ma'am? It's flame broiled", was hilarious. It made me think of an old episode of Dr. Katz where his patient tells him, "In Quebec, the fast food workers are all bilingual. In the States, they are not even lingual. One time I had to draw a picture of a hamburger before they understood what I wanted. When I tried to tell the worker I wanted it 'to go', I had to draw feet on the bottom of the bun." Good times.

-Bracken96: You make a great point about the under $2 vs. over $2 menu items. I had actually thought about putting some sort of price stipulation in there, but concluded that it may lead to too much confusion. There is something to be said for the whole cost/taste/full-stomach dynamic. When I go to a fast food joint, I am almost always weighing those three factors. Would I rather spend $3 at McDonalds for 2 Double Cheeseburgers and a Chicken Nuggets, or spend the same amount on a single Big Mac? If you factored in price, the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and Whopper Jr. would run away with the contest. However, I really wanted to focus more on "best tasting", not necessarily best overall value.

-Another Quick NMH Comment:
It was really, really hard for me to leave Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger off of my Mt. Rushmore. That tasty little sandwich has been there for me through thick and thin. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone straight from work to Bishopric with two dollars and some change in my pocket and grabbed two JBC's before our meetings started. I almost consider it a family friend at this point, but I think that my four selections in the post actually taste better.

The other item that was hard to leave off was a random menu item called a Mushroom Thing served at a place called Scott's in West Valley City, UT. Scott's shut down when I was a teen-ager, but I can still taste a mushroom thing dripping in fry sauce as if I had one yesterday. Mmmm...fried mushrooms on a stick....


Susie J. said...

My number one, all time favorite... the Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Carls Jr. (or the double thereof)
Hardee's sucks, and doesn't serve this burger. If they did, they would have my business, construction workers or not... but they don't, so I ignore them.

7:08 AM

Ok, so
1. Jr.Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendys
2. Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Croissant from Burger King
3. Bacon Cheeseburger from Hardees
(are we sensing a pattern?)
4. the Big John with sprouts instead of tomato from Jimmy Johns.

Thanks, now I'm really hungry for fast food:)

7:32 AM
Natalie said...

Alright Andrew...I guess you and I can't eat fast food together...ever! Here is my list:

1)Crunch Wrap Supreme from Taco Bell (with Beef)
2)Chicken Sandwich and waffle fries from Chick-fil-A with polynesian sauce
3) Chicken Biscuit from Bojangles with seasoned fries and honey mustard
4)Whopper Jr from Burger King


7:43 AM
The Motherboard said...

I had to do 5-- cause I eat to much freaking fast food i guess.
1. Teriyaki burger from Carl's Jr. (gasp! I know. I am betraying all my fellow women! but, its

2. Chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a

3. Wendy's Single combo meal w/o cheese but with honey mustard

4. McDonalds Sausage Egg Mcgriddle (no cheese please)

5. Arby's chicken salad sandwich.

Now i must run right out and find something deep fried... and smothered in chocolate (name that movie)

Great post!

8:04 AM
bioman75 said...

1. Dos Manos (Baja Fresh)
2. "the Lube Job" (Crown Burger)
3. "the Big Juan" (The Chuck Box)
4. Sourdough Burger (jack-in-the-box)

I am now super hungry and all I have are peanut butter and jellies for lunch.

Dos Manos (two hands) is the replacement for burritos I would eat in the Bay Area (Taquerias). The name implies it all, two hands to left the thing.

My wife introduced me to the "lube job" on our last trip to Utah. (Still mad she never took me there on previous trips.) I am planning future trips to get this thing, I mean go to conference. It is one reason I would consider moving to Utah.

The "Big Juan" was cooked over coals inside this dive across the street from ASU. Good times being poor with two for "juan" coupons.

I couldn't decide between a number of things but decided to go with a old favorite. In-n-Out Burger could easy edge this one out.

Unfortunately, none of these places are close to where I now live. This might be a valid reason for a good cry.

8:12 AM
Anonymous said...

It's a good thing that I don't indulge in my list often...

4. Veggie Burger with no mayo from Burger King (I promise, they get worse)
3. Big Mac
2. Sausage/Egg/Cheese McGriddle
1. Panda Express Orange Chicken

8:46 AM
Angie said...

Ahh, a post after my own heart. It's terrible that I love fast food so much, but here goes.

4. Western Whopper from Burger King
3. #1 Ham sandwich from Jimmy Johns
2. tie- In-n-out cheeseburger and turkey & ham from The Training Table (only if accompanied by cheese fries and ultimate dipping sauce)
1. Big Bacon Classic minus onions from Wendy's

Good thing I just ate breakfast and am still pregnant-nauseous. Maybe in a couple hours. Great Post!!

9:02 AM
Amy said...

1. Whopper Jr.-Burger King
2. Turkey Bacon and Ranch-Subway
3. Quarter Lb. with Cheese-McDonald's
4. Sausage Biscuit with Egg add some cheese-McDonald's

But a Burger from B&D's trumps all.
This is a joint near the UofU that I frequented during college days.

9:23 AM
Megan said...

Good gravy I'm distraught about the Ritz Carlton... I've emailed the NMW.

So, favorites whilst in school:

1. Anything with fry sauce from Burgers Supreme (Provo)
2. Pizza with chicken & mushroom from Pizza Pipeline (Provo)
3. Bean & Cheese Burrito from Taco Bell
4. Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's

I still enjoy all of those, but have more favorites. I have to stop with these even though there are more...

1. Trust the Cook from Pasadena Sandwich Company ("How He Feels Is What You Get.... And What You Get Is Big" $7.25--worth every penny. It's a great 1st date food. See what your girl is really made of! Literally the "Dos Manos" of sandwiches, it could easily feed 4 people.)
2. Marie Callendar's The "Works" Frisco Burger
3. In-N-Out Hamburger Animal Style (they grill the onions and add a pickle)
3. McDonalds Angus Third Pounders: Mushroom & Swiss
4. McDonalds Big N' Tasty (for when you really want mayo) or Big Mac

10:21 AM
Megan said...

Yikes I can't count! LOL!

And BTW, I agree that Hardee's food sucks!


10:22 AM
Carolyn said...

I'm vegetarian. Fast food joints don't cater to my crowd. In fact, one time we went to Burger King while on vacation and I ventured to order their veggie burger. Mind you this conversation happened through the drive-through microphone. (And I don't like mushrooms.)

Me: Is your veggie burger soy based or mushroom based?
Burger King: Huh?
Me: I said is your veggie burger soy based or mushroom based?
Burger King: Um, hold on, let me ask.
Burger King: Ma'am? It's flame broiled.

My husband and I almost died laughing. Poor saps. I guess I was just expecting too much. I ordered the veggie burger, it was alright.

So here's my top picks for fast food, if forced to eat at one of those places:

4. McDonald's french fries
3. Wendy's broccoli and cheese baked potato
2. Arby's curly fries
1. Milk shakes, any flavor, any fast food place.

10:23 AM
The Motherboard said...

mmmm. training table cheese fries & sauce...
That makes 6 for me.

10:57 AM
Ana said...

1. Cheeseburger, Animal Style, In-n-Out Burger
2. Crown Burger (just the way they make it, and what is a Lube Job? This sounds vaguely inappropriate, and I am intrigued)
3. Turkey and pastrami with swiss cheese, all veggies except jalapeno, from Port of Subs
4. The salad with the roast beef and bleu cheese, from Quizno's. I haven't had it for a while and forget what they call it officially. It's good.

I don't eat that much fast food ... when I am going to splurge it is almost always In-n-Out.

11:10 AM
Jennifer said...

1. Sourdough Bacon Cheeseburger - Carl's Jr.(no longer served :-{)
2. Sausage Egg McMuffin - McDonald's
3. Whopper Jr. w/ bacon - Burger King
4. Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger - Wendy's
Are you getting the pig flesh trend here? Homeresque drooling....mmmm, bacon.
Honorable mention goes to Carl's Jr. crisscut fries, and any shake from anywhere.

11:15 AM
Heather O. said...

This whole post is clogging my arteries.

11:36 AM
Pappy Yokum said...

While I love the Training Table (especially the cheese fries with hickory dipping sauce) I am going to call for a disqualification of the Training Table because it isn't really fast food. Fast Food must have a drive thru and unless they have changed, Training Table does not fit the bill. That said, here is my list:
4.Arby's Chicken Cordon Blue
3.Naugles Steak and Egg Burrito (they closed down quite a few years ago)
2.Carl's Jr Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger
1.Quiznos Black Angus Steak on Rosemary Parmesan

11:42 AM
Gretchen said...

I rarely eat fast food (gasp! I know I'm weird) but I'll do my best:

#1 Animal-style cheeseburger from In-N-Out

#2 Seven Layer Burrito from Taco Bell

#3 Whopper

#4 Anything dipped in McDonald's Spicy Buffalo Sauce (I seriously think I might eat paper napkins if I got to dip them in this sauce)

12:09 PM
Anonymous said...

You may want to have two categories: Top Fast Food (unlimited budget) and Cheap Top Fast Food(under 2 dollars, preferably under $1.50). Since many fast food places have good dollar menus, and then if you don't care about money the food gets more flavorfull.

My choices:
Cheap Fast Food
1) Jr.Bacon Cheeseburger (Wendys)
2) Big Mac (McDonalds)
3) Curly Fries (Checkers - yes they make a complete meal)
4) Sausage Egg McMuffin (McDonalds - slightly over $2)

Top Fast Food (unlimited budget)
1) Double Double Animal Style (In-&-Out)
2) Dos Manos (Baja Fresh)
3) Steak Melt (Subway)
4) Original Chicken (KFC)
5) Angus Third Pounders: Mushroom & Swiss (McDonald)

12:30 PM
MiaKatia said...

1) Arby's roast beef with tons of arby's sauce and curly fries
2) Wopper JR with cheese and McDonald's fries (they are across the street from each other and I have no problem going through two drive thrus for one meal ;)
3) Naked chicken burrito from Chipotle
4) Chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a

I rarely eat red meat but when I do I love my 1 and 2 choices...

1:18 PM
Angie said...

While I concur that Training Table isn't technically fast food, with a call in order, it's almost as fast. Especially compared to the Taco Bell down the street. Why is it so hard to get some Nachos Supreme out in under 10 min???

2:24 PM
normal mormon wife said...

Phew--so glad to hear that the Hardee's employees were trained first responders. I probably should send a thank you note.

I have never claimed to have tastes that go along with the general population, so my list is pretty out there, but here goes:

4. Turkey Sandwich (Schlotzsky's)
3. Grilled Ranch Snack Wrap (McD)
2. Baked potato with chili (Wendy's)
1. Good ol' bean burrito with no onions (Taco Bell)

You'd think we were STILL in college with the way that I eat. Does independent study count?

5:20 PM
Megan said...

Oh man! How could I forget Wendy's chili??!! While pregnant with #3 there were nights I HAD to have it. I still enjoy it, too! :)

6:09 PM
Anonymous said...

Taco Bell Enchirito (but it needs a fork - don't try to slurp it while driving)
McDonald's Big Mac
McDonadls' Sausage McMuffin with Egg
McDonald's Filet of Fish

I want to open a drive-thru that caters to working Mormon women like myself who are spending their lunch hours shopping for and/or mailing packages to grandchildren, picking up odds and ends related to our church callings, etc., and want a drive-thru but are starting to realize we're not immortal.

I would call it "Good For You" and serve only one item each day, with just a cup of water. It would come in a black and white checkered bag and have a green sucker for dessert ($3.99 each - I figured I'd have to sell 200/day to break even :)

Monday: grilled cheese sandwiches with fresh tomato - fresh grapes and Nacho cheese Doritos on the side -
Tuesday: Grilled tuna with cheese - fresh watermelon and Cheetos on the side
Wednesday: Egg salad with a pickle spear - fresh strawberries
Thursday: BLT's with BBQ chips and cole slaw
Friday: Turkey with provolone and cranberries; fresh cantelope and plain potato chips.
Closed Saturday/Sunday
Any investors?

7:32 PM
Andymann said...

4-Carnitas Burrito at Chipotle

3-jr bacon cheeseburger at Wendys

2-8 piece chicken and waffle fries w/polynesian sauce at Chick-fil-a

1-3 by 3 plain with extra fries at In-n-out

We have Carl's Jr here in is great. My only Hardees experience was before they merged with Carl's Jr and Hardees was horrible.

8:41 PM
Scrap Happy said...

I'm a little disturbed that many of you eat something called "Animal Style."

NMH - - can you please give us a description of such a style? Does it involve raw meat and growling? Or do you just have to sit on your haunches and cackle like a hyena once in a while?

11:14 PM
Queen of Chaos said...

It's 6:44 am here- I shouldn't be thinking of fast food this early...oh, but I will...

Here is my Mt. Rushmore {you're so funny!} top 4, cardiac arrest, happy tast buds, fat cells expanding list:

#1- the 'Mashed Potato Bowl' from KFC. Can't get any better then having crispy chicken bites topped on mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and melted cheese. YUMALICIOUS
- I guess I know where I'm going for lunch today!

#2- "The Guacamole Bacon Six Dollar Burger" from Carl's Jr. {I live in it's CJ} That hefty burger lasts me TWO meals and I feel on top of the
world with said hallucinations. Oh- and eating this with a side of the curly fries is a MUST.
Move over burly construction workers...this chick is camping out!

#3- the "Whopper" from Burger king ain't no Six Dollar burger.... but it sure hits the spot when I need a burger and can't handle {or trying to be responsible} the hallucinations from Carl's Jr.

#4- Anything from "Bajios". There's no Bajios in Arizona...damn it. I discovered this mexican chain while visting Utah. There food is freakin', flippin', hog tying GOOD! {Oh, I wish I could go to Bajios for lunch. grrrrrr}

Your list was pretty decent, NMH. But I like mine better!

7:05 AM
Queen of Chaos said...

Ah dang it! I read on...there's some girl named Emily that mentioned her #1 Orange Chicken from Panda Express. You go girl! That's what I'm talking about...
Orange chicken is # 2 on my list now. So technically I have 5.

And who does a "Top 4" anyway? Any 'Noraml' would do a Top 5 and not a Top 4.

7:09 AM
Jolene said...

1. #3 combo at In-n-Out - animal style.
2. Burrito Supreme with no onions, add green sauce at Taco Bell.
3. Mushroom Swiss combo at Arctic Circle - onion rings w/ lots of fry sauce.
4. 9 piece scallops at Pete's Fish and Chips (Mesa, AZ)

12:00 PM
Barbaloot said...

I'll break my lurker-silence in order to weight in on the vote:)

1. Wendy's JBC. You can't beat that.
2. Grilled Chicken Ceasar Wrap from Taco Bell. What's that, you ask? Well-it's one of their "limited-time" promotions. My roommate and I called their 1-800 number for days to protest after they took away that sucker.
3. Sonic's chocolate malt.
4. *Native to Provo* The Malte Shoppe's "Chocolate-covered strawberry" shake which I take full credit for inventing!

2:12 PM
Andymann said...

you had me at Pete's Fish and combo

1 monster burger
side of fries
1 bean burro
1 soda

6:04 PM
Andymann said...

Don't they have monkey style also?

burger with fries in it?

6:05 PM
Sean W said...

#4 Guacamole Bacon Burger (Good Times)
#3 Western Bacon Cheese Burger (Carl's Jr)
#2 Extreme Spicy Chicken Sandwich (Burger King) might be called Firecracker now
#1 Double-Double Animal Style (In-N-Out)

7:06 PM
Mickismommy said...

#4 Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake from Beef N Bun
#3 Pollo Asada burritos (any Mexican (not Taco Bell) food restaurant that ends in berto)
#2 Fish Tacos (Rubio's)
#1 Double-Double combo animal Style (in-N-Out)

I am a San Diegan in exile on the East Coast. So sad for me!

7:18 PM
Megan said...

With all these Arizonans responding, I have failed to mention my all time cheap-o fav: Sonoran Hot Dogs. Spencer discovered them in Tucson near Country Club. $1.50 for a hot dog smothered in goodness (bacon wrapped hot dog with beans, bun, sauces, cheese, mushrooms, onions, etc.) It's totally fast food as they cook and assemble it quickly while you wait. Their peak times are lunch and the late late crowd on Fri/Sat nights. Anytime you see the back of a van open and a grill going nearby, you've got goodness! You totally wouldn't know what you're missing unless you're introduced to it. I was scared the first time he told me where he bought them from... but it was after the 1st bite and I DID NOT CARE! Now when we go back to Tucson, we take a small cooler and stock up for the trip home! :)

7:34 PM

Best fast food burger ever is the Dairy Delight Old fashion burger in Toolle UT. This burger is bigger than an average size plate.


3:43 AM
mama cow said...

One other food item renamed would be Best Foods Mayo on the west and Helmans in the east. I cant tell you how many arguments this has sparked between my mother (Arizona) and my grandmother (Illinois) Not Kidding! On to my top four well I really only have one and it belongs to Famous Daves BUT I call on the phone and pick it up so it is really fast. It is called the ultimate burger and consists of Pulled BBQ pork and a huge hamburger patty with real cheese (very important) spicy bread and butter pickles and a good bun. I litteraly ate one of these every Friday last summer through my second trimester until I quit because of the heartburn.

8:03 AM
mama cow said...

I cant believe that Cafe Rio wasnt on anybodys list. Especialy when Bajio showed up a few times UGH! Ok so I have two loves The ultimate burger from Famous Daves and a Pork Salad from Cafe Rio.....there is nothing "salad" about it!

8:12 AM
mama cow said...

ok sorry one more comment Sorry but m y Bro was indeed in Santiago Chile. I dont know the dates exactly but you will be interested or disgusted to know that I also married a return missionary who also served in santiago as well as his older brother. I understand if you no longer wish to associate with my kind :(

8:18 AM
Melissa said...

O.K. I cannot believe that this was not on anybody's list. I don't like hamburgers (although I'm sad now that I don't live in California that I apparently never had an "animal style" burger at In N' Out. That's one of those "secret" burgers that transplants don't know about. Anyhow, my list consists of the much neglected, yet ever-so-tasty Taco Bell Chalupa. Numbers 1,2,3, and 4, are the different variety of chalupas. That's it for me. Thank you very much.

8:57 AM
mama cow said...

Ok after putting the babe down for a nap I actually read all the other posts. And I think some of you will be excited to know that there is now an in-n-out burger in St George! It has been open for about a week and I am going to make my husband brave the hour wait and take me to get an animal style for mothers day! woo hoo

9:00 AM
Angie said...

Mama Cow, the wait at In-n-Out in St. George is not that bad!! Even through the drive through I only waited MAYBE 10 min. and I hear if you go in, it's faster. Totally worth it!!

10:42 AM
mama cow said...

I have heard that from others too so I think we will be going "animal" this weekend!

7:34 PM
Amanda said...

First of all, NMH, why are you going to Priceline when you should be raking in the hotel points!?

Here's my list:
1. Double Double Protein Style w/ Fries and a Vanilla Shake (In-N-Out)
2. 3 Finger Combo Spicy w/ Honey Mustard Sauce, Fries, a Biscuit and a Lemonade (Popeye's)
3. Roast Beef w/ Tons of Sauce, Curly Fries, and a Contraband Cherry Coke (Arby's)
4.Crunch Wrap Supreme Beef with Water (Taco Bell)

9:01 PM
Jami said...

Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. Cheap. Yummy. Like a BLT with a smidgin' of hamburger.

Carl's Jr.'s Western Bacon Cheeseburger. Onion rings, bacon and BBQ sauce, mmm!

McD's Quarter Pounder with Cheese, swap the onions for the little tiny rehydrated onions. This is the first "grown up" burger I ever ate. I still like it.

Jack in the Box--The ultimate Cheeseburger. Intensely meaty and cheesy. Heart attack on a bun. Yum!

NO MAYO on any of them.

12:01 AM
Sandy said...

I tend to not even look at anything on the menu that costs more than $3...and my list changes depending on whether I'm pregnant (tend to go for Arbys), trying to diet (salad) or just on the run and feeling cheap (dollar menu), but here is my list:

1. Hands down, Panda Express orange chicken. Jake even brought some back in a cooler from Utah for me last week, since we live like 6 hours from a Panda Express. Its very, very sad.

2. Dairy Queen oreo blizzard (will take a strawberry cheesecake or Reeses one in a pinch)

3. Milkshakes - vanilla or strawberry. I'll get one anywhere, but woe to the fast food joint that tries to give me a strawberry milkshake with the remains of the peanut butter mix in the bottom of it, or so foamy that feels like you're brushing your teeth with it. Needs to be a GOOD milkshake, or no dice.

4. Taco Johns grilled chicken burrito

9:34 AM
Wheel Spinners said...

Food for thought: Wouldn't it be interesting if fast food was against the Word of Wisdom? Is it good for you? Or..can a big juicy burger fulfill food storage requirements i.e., carbs & protein? Brothers & Sisters until it's on a Temple Recommend Interview question (do you or don't you?) it's in a 'gray' area. So enjoy that Big Mac because the day may come when......!

12:53 PM
Shepherd Family said...

Subway's Sweet onion Chicken Teriyaki on wheat with everything (including cucumbers and green peppers)
p.s. Do you read The Pioneer Woman Cooks? She did this exact same thing on her site.
Very interesting....

11:23 AM