Elmopaloozagate: Redacted

Saturday, June 14, 2008

One of my favorite episodes of The Office is the one that prominently features Toby,the HR guy, listening to people gripe about their co-workers. After the meeting Toby makes a record of the complaint to put in his employee relations file. Most of the employees come in a day or two later and "redact" the complaint, essentially nullifying the original gripe.

Well, somebody tell Toby I want to redact everything I said about Elmopalooza. The comments were a little too passionate and personal than I had originally anticipated they would be. This was obviously my fault for writing about a somewhat political topic, which always begs for trouble. I don't want this on my blog. My bad.

Plus, I'm terrified of Amy Grant's lawyers. Long story.


The Wiz - Rookie? Who you callin' rookie? You may be interested to know that I started a website way back in 2001 called 'The Loyal Lakers League". Starting a blog today is so easy that you could train farm animals to do it. Back then I had to teach myself HTML and code everything I did on my site. I even had 102 subscribed members before I stopped maintaining it. I'm old school, you young whipper snapper! Check it out at http://www.angelfire.com/la2/dynasty/index.html if you want to be reminded how hard it was to keep up a site pre-Blogger.com. (The stat counter is broken on that site. I had many, many more than 257 visitors back in the day.) Also, your opinion really does matter to me since you are of "Mormon Mommy Wars" fame and know what you are doing in the blogosphere. There is a link from your site to mine under your "Links That Make Us Smile" sidebar. Until you guys have a "Links That Let Us Call Other People 'Idiots'" section, I think I'll keep on posting columns that make people smile. Deal?

Acte Gratuit & Motherboard - I can understand why you want me to re-post the Elmopalooza columns. My reason for deleting the posts is not because I am some spineless wimp who is "running my blog based on what others think." I removed them because I did not like HOW people were saying what they were thinking. Quite simply, it was getting too contentious for my liking. Again, this was my fault for bringing up a politically-oriented topic that was bound to touch a few nerves. I deal with enough conflict on a daily basis between my job, my church calling and the Lakers looking HORRIBLE in the finals. My blog is a way for me to escape some of that conflict and share the positive, humorous events of my life. There are plenty of blogs out there for people who want to resort to name calling as they argue about politics. I just don't want mine to be one of them. I felt uneasy about the post even before I pushed the "Publish Post" button, and then the comments quickly confirmed for me that it was a bad move on my part to even bring it up in the first place.


The Wiz said...


6:25 PM
acte gratuit said...

I say re-post the posts. Comments and all. How people respond to things they don't agree with can say a lot about that person.

8:28 PM
The Motherboard said...

ditto the first to commenters. you are bound to push buttons in this here blogosphere... you can't run your blog based on what others think.

we may not have agreed, but isn't that the beauty of "the plan" we all get to make our own choices??

9:39 AM
Ang said...

Aw, man. It's not my fault, is it?? Sorry.
-Your loving but passionate and personal sister :-)

9:45 AM
Sandy said...

Must have missed that one...

6:53 PM
A Good Husband said...

I'm rather disappointed. I didn't agree with your opinions, but I respected your ability to say them. Why back out after the fact? I'm done.

6:51 AM
The Wiz said...

I didn't call you an idiot, I called you a rookie. TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

And I'm sure your HTML skills are FAR superior to my nonexistent ones.

If you can tell me to take Prozac, then I reserve the right to call you a rookie. :)

I'm just saying, stuff like that is fine when your blog is read by like, five people. As you get more traffic, more crap shows up, and sometimes you have to edit. We learned it the hard way, and are still learning it, to some degree.

9:25 AM
Melinda said...

Woo! I don't like heated political discussions either.

1:35 PM
Michelle said...

Hey, I was enjoying it! But then again, most of my extended family get-togethers end in heated political debates. We're freaks.

7:10 AM
danny ainge said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


10:16 PM