15 Minutes of Fame

Monday, August 04, 2008

Get the stopwatch going. My fifteen minutes of fame have officially begun. While I am going to share my little moment in the spotlight with you, I thought it would be enjoyable to read about your random moments of stardom. So please post a comment or two sharing the times when you were a minor celebrity for a few brief shining moments. I'll hold a vote later this week to see who the most famous person is who reads this blog. Who knows - maybe your fifteen minutes of fame will be winning this prestigious award.

Most of us at one point or another have appeared on the local news, been quoted in the paper, were part of the audience of a taping of The Price is Right, or ended up on "America's Dumbest Criminals". We then buy forty copies of the newspaper that featured us or we pop the tab from the VHS tape that documents our brief moment of fame in order to preserve the evidence through the Millennium. We want our stardom to live on forever so that in 2051 we can tell our grandkids, "See. Your gran-pappy was once interviewed by the Channel 8 weekend weather girl about how hot it got one day. Let me put my teeth back in and I'll tell you all about it."

The NMW had better get the scrapbook ready for the grandkids because Sheena McFarland of the Salt Lake Tribune gave a quick shout out to my blog in her column about the Breaking Dawn release last Friday (read it here). Sheena and I even spoke for a few minutes over the phone. I felt so official when she put me "on the record" and was grateful that she honored my request to not disclose my name. I needed anonymity in order to prevent the Guatemalan authorities from pounding down my door. It's a long story. (Come on, I'm just kidding. But if anybody asks if you have ever heard of Fernando Omar de la Cruz Quizpes Pachecho, just play dumb for my sake, okay?)

Most of my previous "fifteen minutes of fame" moments happened while I was playing high school basketball from 1991-1993, so I was a little rusty with Sheena. I gave her one or two quotes that made her chuckle and I thought they might appear in the paper, but they didn't. During high school my younger brother was a junior when I was a senior and we were the two leading scorers on our varsity team. There were a lot of "basketball brothers" stories in our high school and local papers and our names were usually mentioned in the Deseret News and Salt Lake Tribune game summary write ups. Here are a few of my other random celebrity moments:

-I was in a few episodes of "Romper Room" when I was like five or six years old. My run on the show was brief after the producers kicked me off due to a number of "creative differences" I had with Mr. Do Bee.

-One of my ward members made a low-budget movie called "The Rabbit" and need to cast, "an annoying, rambunctious, prepubescent rascal" and called me immediately. He was my Deacon's Quorum Advisor at the time and told me to, "just be myself" when the cameras started rolling.

-While serving as a missionary for the LDS church in Northern Chile I was escorted at gunpoint by a Chilean military guard for accidentally tracting in army housing. The guard shoved an M-16 in my back and led my companion and me to see the General of the regiment where we had accidentally ventured. I was honestly thinking that an international incident was about to unfold and Tom Brokaw would be somberly reporting, "Two American missionaries have been taken hostage by the Chilean military..." Fortunately the General just screamed at us for a few minutes and told us to get lost.

While my fifteen minutes of fame moments have been on the decrease since the 1990's, my Normal Mormon Wife has been quite the local celeb over the past few years. She tried out for American Idol in 2005 and while she was not selected to sing in front of the judges, you could see her face in one of the quick audience shots. We ended taping that episode and re-watched it a dozen times by hitting "play-pause-play-pause-play-pause" as the camera ventured into her area. We then took a photo of the TV screen and emailed it off to all of our family and friends. The NMW also entered a Clay Aiken sound alike contest at the mall, took third place, and won some gift certificates. The local news cameras and newspapers were on hand and she was featured on the late-night news and had her picture in the paper the next day. Thank goodness TMZ had not yet burst on the scene when the NMW hit celebrity status or the paparazzi would have been unbearable. I might have even had to pull a Bjork on somebody.

By the time you have read this post, my fifteen minutes of fame will have dwindled down to about eight. Please post your brushes with greatness so that I can bask in your reflected glow once my remaining eight minutes are gone.

Whoops, make that seven....


Ted said...

Mine have come in five minute increments. (1)I was on the cover of a LDS youth-oriented self-help book published in 1988, "Finding a Friend in the Mirror" by Shane Barker. Same photo was used in a New Era article, March 1988. (2)My face was on the screen for 1 second in a General Conference choir, October 1995. (3) author of several letters to the editor in Utah and beyond. (4) Now residing in a van down by the river.

6:36 AM
mama cow said...

After using a grant to help us purchase a home in downtown Saint George the local newspaper did an article on the company offering the downpayment assistance loans so they called and asked us for an interview. I was excited to be in the lamest newspaper in the country so I did a phone interview because we were on vacation in Phoenix. Luckily they were unable to get a photo of us because the backlash from that article was down right terrifying. Unfortunately the article did not explain the program very well so it made it sound like the city was handing money out left and right with no strings attached. People did not seem to think that was fair and made it known on the forums. To make a long story short I was very glad when those 15 minutes were over and they found someone else to bash!

6:46 AM
Natalie said...

This is a tough one. I would have to say my 15 minutes of fame just occurred a few years ago. My dad has been doing some work and speeches here and there for Stephen Covey and in one of Covey's motivational movies for businesses or something like that he uses my dad's story about Mia Hamm.

The story involves my dad seeing her training out on her own, working her butt off, doing sprints called suicides. After seeing her work so hard he went and wrote her the following note: "The Vision of a Champion is someone who is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when no one else is watching".

So to incorporate this quote into the movie they wanted some footage of Mia doing sprints in Chapel Thrill. Given the fact that Mia was unavailable and pregnant, my dad offered me up instead. So yes, I played Mia Hamm in a Stephen Covey movie. They had me do sprints until I was about to puke to get the right shots for the movie. Good times. I think I have a copy of the movie hidden somewhere...

7:16 AM
Amy said...

Unfortunately mine is borrowed fame. Ever heard of John Bytheway? Yeah, that's what I thought. He's a 2nd cousin. Not exactly a close relation, but I have met him, chatted, photo op.
Then there was my picture in the small fry newspaper for the 5th grade school play.

It's funny that Sheena did the article on you. We were in a writing class together at the U. Yeah, I can see why she is a writer and I am...well, a SAHM.

7:51 AM
alyssa said...

I just have to say - reading the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn TOTALLY reminded me of the scene you wrote. Charlie being awkward, Bella hyperventilating at seeing Edward, her description of Edward, almost tripping on the heels and the dress....you had it to a tee!

My 15 minutes.....I was interviewed for a local newscast in 2nd grade. It was about my teacher being on maternity leave, I think. And a picture of my friend and I made it into the paper for a Youth conference Service project. (I grew up in Kansas, so teenages doing service and having fun was a bit of a novelty.)

And I wrote for the Scroll, BYU-I's paper, for a year. Yeah, I know. Pretty big stuff.

8:02 AM
Jennifer said...

When I was a freshman in HS our teachers were on strike. My sister organized a rally for the teachers. We stood out at the corners of State St. & Center in Orem and waved signs and had people "Honk for Teachers." The Daily Herald came and I was on the front page with my sign.

I was in a film that my friend did while in Film School at BYU, just an extra.

I was in the live choir for Kenneth Cope's album "Greater than Us All" at the LDS book sellers convention.

My fame by association is my older brother, Brad. He is the producer for Stadium of Fire. He is also a film producer. His latest movie Forever Strong is coming out in September. He also produced the new Johnny Lingo movie. That's right, I'm cool.

8:09 AM
Andymann said...

My only brush with fame came on my mission as well. In Moscow, Idaho, a brand new Hardees opened. My companion and I got up early and were the first two customers to eat there. HE was from Utah and loved their food. I, being from Arizona had never heard of them. We were on the front page of the newspaper. We covered the singles ward and the married ward at the time and were celebrities for almost a whole day. We even got free food certificates. The APs were so jealous. Good times!

8:38 AM
Beth said...

I have been in the newspaper a few times, and I had a soundbyte on german talk radio once. I was also in the August 2001 "New Era" about Girl's Camp in the Middle East.

8:55 AM
runningfan said...

I have an article in the July 2008 Ensign. Check out p.70 -- "Samaritan with a Screwdriver."

10:22 AM
Rebekah said...

I was an intern during the summer before my senior year of college at a radio station and was able to do the over night weather forecast a few times. It was kind of tripy. They even gave me kuddos on air when I graduated and then again when I got married. It was nice.

I was also in the paper (group shots) in high school because of orchestra a few times.

10:25 AM
Jared said...

I've been in local newspapers a couple times in my life. The articles both seemed to use the words "police" and "criminal" a lot; I'm not sure why.

My biggest claim to fame has to be that I apparently had a look-alike on some BYU billboards in Utah a few years ago. Yep, that's about as good as it gets with me; I'm still looking for my 15 minutes.

11:19 AM
Cpt Naykid said...

I was on the drumline in high school (Florida) and even became drumline captain. I was in the newspaper various times from parades we did. I marched in the Fiesta Bowl Parade in 1998 (totally awesome). I was ranked in Florida as the #2 best percussionist in high school. That was pretty sweet.

The only other moments of fame would be having my picture in the Ensign when I was a kid. It was a story about my grandfather and the pic had me in it. It was back in 1986 or something.

Yeah, that's all I got.

11:55 AM
Brenda said...

Mine was about three seconds of fame. In 8th grade, we took a field trip to Seattle and each of us took turns running in pairs with this fake Olympic torch. King 5 news was there and filmed it. The only kids they showed on the news that night were me and my friend running with the torch! I actually never saw the clip (because being 14 I wasn't really into watching the news). But everyone at school was like, "Dude, we saw you on TV last night!"

Pretty lame, but it's all I got.

2:59 PM
IamLoW said...

I've been in the local newspaper a few times.
One pic here- http://galow.vox.com/library/photo/6a00d4144f9d673c7f00fad697c6640005.html

Mostly articles about high school basketball games, and my name was mentioned at the end, when they decide to add the bench warmers to the article....

And my blog has been featured on VOX five-ish times.

BUT, if we talked about spotting famous people, I'd sound much more impressive. ;-)

3:02 PM
IamLoW said...


I don't think my link worked....

3:06 PM
IamLoW said...

I give up.

3:07 PM
Jules said...

I was "kicked off" Romper Room too! We were in a circle playing flip toss and Ms. Julie asked me if I was feeling all right. Holding my stomach with one hand, and my catcher/thrower with the other, I looked at her and threw up. She got the message. After the clean up, I was informed I would NOT be returning to the set. Ms. Julie was all out of the complementary parting gifts (a Mr. Do Bee pencil and puppet I think). She promised to send it to me. After stalking the mail carrier for more than a month, I gave up. No Mr. Do Bee. Ms. Julie if you are still out there, I want my Mr. Do Bee!

6:14 PM
Tiki Warrior said...

...went to school with mass-murderer, Jeffrey Dahmer. Yes, creepy but I did get media interviews.

7:34 PM
Emily said...

New NMH fan here!

I was on the front page of the Times-News in Twin Falls, Idaho, with my Invention Convention project when I was 10. That was pretty awesome.

I was a reporter/weather & news announcer for KRIC-FM in Rexburg, Idaho, which broadcast to most of Southern Idaho and some of Wyoming and Montana. I even got fan mail from some dude in Montana. I also did commercials for KADQ-FM in Rexburg. And then I wrote for two newspapers, one in Rexburg and one in Eudora, Kansas. Both small papers, but they did call me "the newspaper lady" when I went to the high school.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Bill O'Reilly read a letter from me on his show when I was 17.

Just the other day I was interviewed for a news broadcast with the Fox affiliate in Pocatello, Idaho. (I'm too embarrassed to say why I was interviewed and I hope it didn't air.)

So, as you can see, I'm super famous.


7:59 PM
Hey It's Di said...

I am new to your blog and I can NEVER beat you with your brushes with fame. Romper Room for reals? Oh man! Some people have all the luck:) My closest brush to fame was dancing with the "Fame"dancers. (if you are old enough to remember them)

I LOVE your version of Breaking dawn and found it much more entertaining than the real thing.

8:53 PM
Col.Smeag said...

I haven't had my 15 minutes of fame yet but I have a nightmare every so often about being the lead story on the evening news that a "Pasty 30 something male had been kdinapped by code pink hags and made to dress in a bunny suite." need I go on?

9:48 PM
Ericrazy said...

I've had a couple run-in's with 15-minute type stuff...

I met Stephenie Meyer May 16th when she came to Thanksgiving Point for a signing for 'The Host'. I talked with her for a bit and even gave her an idea for the sequel to 'The Host'.

A radiologist asked the question, 'When people break bones, what medicine do they use to fix it?'

Steph: *glazed look*
Me: Fuse... they use 'Fuse'.. right? o.0
Steph: YEAH!! Fuse.. *mulls it over* I might use that!

So if you read 'The Host II*' and read about 'fuse'.. *ehem* thats mine :]

Also, I'm good friends with one of the owners of Candellight Media Group and have been in 'Beauty and the Beast: A Latter-day Tale' and 'Rescued'.

uhm..... *cheesy grin*

11:33 PM
Anonymous said...

My moments are like microsecond incidents:
-Was on the front cover of The Church News with President Monson looking right at me (it was the back of my head)
-Was in Spiderman (The first one with toby mcguire)
-Was in the Guinness Book of World Records
-Got in the newspaper a couple times for sports (very small town newspaper)
-Got to be a Mascott for a Phoenix Coyotes game and scored a goal in the Mascot game

I think that is it. Nothing exciting, just random.

Gerg Woodsher

4:19 AM
Jon-Michael said...

My 15 minutes of fame have disappeared and then resurfaced over the years. I ran a website against the corporate homogenization of Denver radio over the last decade for about 5 years. During that time, I was interviewed by both the Denver Post and Westword (two of the major newspapers in the area). I won an award from Westword for "Best anti-radio website" in 2003. The Denver Post quoted me on a number of occasions with regard to the local radio scene, and during my interview with one columnist, I found out he was a huge fan of my website. I felt pretty cool.

I had reporters contact me from the likes of the BBC as well and other respected news organizations. It was funny because for most of that time, I was a college student in my early 20's making $10 an hour working at a computer store.

I would have kept it going, but I started having kids, finished college and pursued different endeavors. It was a fun ride however.

6:38 AM
Ms. SavvyMae said...

I had 15 min of fame several times. when my dad was leaving for Iraq several years ago CNN did a special thing and came to our house for xmas. so did our local Channel 3 news. another time was recently on a podcast. where i asked why is edwards volvo different in the movie. and the podcast Beautiful Monsters answered me. =D

7:20 AM
Janan said...

Lamb of God. I', in the bottom left corner yelling crusify him, with a mauvish scarf covering my head. AHHHHHH! Two of my girls appear as young Julia Smith in the Emma Smith: My Story movie that was recently released. Outside of the mormon world, I was in the Deseret News eating at Los Hermanos in Provo, my son and sisterinlaw and her son were also pictured. I told the guy i had recently returned from living in Italy for 3 years. In the newspaper that was translated to mean that Los Hermanos was the first restaurant I HAD to go to upon my Utah return.

8:26 AM
NMH's Little Sis said...

I was on the local news when I was in 5th grade for raising money and donating it to the Humane Society. My best friend and I started a save the animals club and were planning on changing the world. I remember while we were being interviewed, the news woman asked us why we thought it was okay to wear leather shoes when we were so against animal cruelty. I honestly didn't even know my shoes were leather. My 10 year old brain wasn't quite ready to deal with the tough media questions and I've been out of the spotlight ever since.

Oh yeah, I also had mean older brothers teasing me and crushing my hopes and dreams by putting makeup on my cat - maybe that's what stopped our progress.

9:56 AM
Sandy said...

I don't know if I've really had any...let's see...I was listed in the credits of a BYU "Final Cut" movie as being a "colorist". It was a cartoon and I helped color the pictures for an FHE activity. My name was spelled wrong, but DH and I saw it on KBYU several years later. I may have hit the big time.

9:19 AM
Jami said...

My freshman year at BYU I was in several of the student productions in the theatre department, the ones all theatre students were forced to attend. I ended up with a lot of "I know you from somewhere"s and "You really look familiar"s.

My most recent brush with fame was when one of my posts was sidebarred at over at T&S. Many came. Few commented. The spotlight was mercifully brief.

9:41 AM
jeff said...

What about your days in the band "the Fatheads" with Christian? I cant believe you left that off your list.

1:00 PM
Millie said...

1) Picture in the paper - served time as an Azalea Festival Junior Princess in Brookings, Oregon. My grandmother still has that clipping.

2) Wrote a letter to the editor of the Trib and had it published, during a small BYU-excommunicating-its-professors scandal back in the 90s.

3) Topic of gossip at the local young adult branch. (Well, who hasn't been, actually...)

1:57 PM
Stacy said...

During my senior year, our high school held a car show that featured some fancy "hot rods" on the quad. I happened to be standing next to one of the cars when a photo was snapped for our local paper in Camarill, CA. Unfortunately, I was wearing a sweater I snuck out of my mother's closet. I then had to spend the next few days frantically destroying all the evidence as helpful friends and neighbors brought over copies of the article in case we didn't have our own copy.

It was 15 minutes of fame I didn't want.

3:05 PM
utmommy23 said...

I know your little contest is over by I'm a new NMH fan and I was catching up on past blogs. Since I've had a few minutes in the spotlight I thought I'd answer this one. LOL! My few brushes with fame are:

I was in one episode of Romper Room and a few episodes of Hotel Balderdash. (If anyone even remembers that one. It was a local channel 4 in-between cartoons in the morning show back in the 70's.)

I was on an episode of some KSL show and I remember it was a christmas episode because I answered a question and got put on the show. It was a talk show. I can't even remember the name of it. It was in the mid-80's.

In high school our band marched in the Calgary Stampede parade and I was a member of the rifle corps. One of the Calgary stations that was filming the parade put the camera right in my face and commented on how precise and straight faced I was even with the camera in my face. I wish that I would have been able to get a copy of that one. But I had to settle for watching a repeat of the parade that night at the hotel. :)

9:07 PM

My claim to fame came twice in my fourth year of life.

One was a picture of me in the paper as I was doing reading excercies or something with giant headphones on my tiny ears. You know the ones, it was 1984 after all.

My second came in response to my criminal record. Yes, a criminal at age 4. Well, maybe criminal is a bit harsh. It was a hot summer day in Yakima, WA. My cousin was baby sitting me and my four sisters. I did something - can't recall what now - and was being punished. My punishment? Everyone else got ice cream cones and I merely got the leftover melted dreggs in the Neopolitan Ice Cream box. We all trotted outside to the grass area of I-Court where kids were playing in sprinklers and on Slip-n-Slides. I, in my little striped bathing suit, plopped down on the grass with my melted Neopolitan. A few days later my picture appeared in the paper with another kid who was also enjoying the hot summer weather. I guess they were wrong. Crime - or juvenile deliquency - DOES pay.

10:47 AM
Charlie LeSueur said...

Gosh, I remember Hotel Balderdash!

Wait! I was on it.


P.S. - Check out the "I Remember Hotel Balderdash," Blog, as well as: www.silverscreencowboys.com

10:39 PM