Stay cool! You're a stud!

Monday, September 22, 2008

I recently had the opportunity to go up to Young Women's Camp and share a Family Home Evening with the young women in my ward. Serving with the youth is far and away the most rewarding aspect of my church calling. We have an outstanding group of young women in our ward right now. Every time I am with them I am filled with hope and optimism for the future knowing that these bright, motivated, kind, ambitious, spiritual young women will be leaders in their homes and in society. It also makes me feel reassured to know that they will also either join the workforce or support their husbands in doing so since my Social Security benefits will depend on them. This is particularly relevant since my 401-k is now worth about as much as a 1991 Geo Metro that smells like dog musk.

On a personal note, I am thrilled that the Church no longer refers to the week-long outdoor adventure for the girls as "Rough Camp" as it did when I was growing up. When I was a rude, insensitive teenager I had far too much fun harassing the young women in my ward about going to "Ruff" camp every summer. Yes, that's "Ruff" as in the noise a dog would make. And yes, I have repented and changed my ways.

This year for the FHE discussion I brought my High School yearbooks to use as part of an object lesson. It was the first time I had opened them up in about a decade. I was literally laughing out loud as I read the messages that my friends scribbled in their barely decipherable handwriting as we parted ways for the summer. If you have not busted out your yearbooks recently, I highly encourage you to do so. Please post comments with some of the funny phrases, words, etc. that people left in your yearbooks. I'm sure there are some gems out there. You can also vote in the poll on the right that lists some of my favorite generic yearbook lines.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes that were written to me from my friends at Hunter High School from 1991-1993. Many of my friends gave me advice about my future. Let's see how well I have heeded their counsel:

Comment: "You are such a stud!"
Response: If there were 300 guys who signed my yearbook, 298 of them called me a "stud". The other two tried to call me a "stud" but managed to misspell the word somehow. Have I remained a stud as a 30-something adult? Well, I have three kids. Does that count?

Comment: "Stay cool!"
Response: The use of the word "cool" was second only to "stud" in my yearbook. I think the word "rad" was probably third. As I recently documented, my family buys water park passes every summer to "stay cool". I think "cool" back then referred to dating girls, playing basketball, and listening to Kid 'N Play. Today it means floating down the Lazy River with three kids and my hot wife. Oh well, I'm trying.

Comment: "P.S. - Spark me some salt!"

Response: Using the word "spark" instead of "pass" or "get" was an inside joke I had with one single friend of mine in High School. I had completely forgotten about the word "spark" until I sparked myself my yearbook. For the past two weeks I've been asking the NMW to "spark me some baby wipes" or "spark me my ice pack for my back." I dare you to try using the word "spark" for two days and see how it makes you feel. I doubt I will ever be able to go back to common English again. The word "spark" makes me feel studly, cool and rad all at the same time!

Comment: "You're so funny, but tall. I remember when I was taller than you!"

Response: I have tried to keep a decent sense of humor, but I'm still almost 6'6". I love how my friend made it seem like a tall person can't be funny. She is so wrong! Just look at all of the tall, hilarious comedians out there. Let's see, there's.....Brad Garrett...and...uh...nobody else. And Brad Garrett isn't funny. Maybe my friend had a point. It is impossible for tall people to be humorous. We just freak people out as we lurch over them and completely block out the sun, making it difficult for people to laugh at our jokes when they are secretly fearing for their lives.

Comment: "Chemistry was a ton of fun! I don't know how I'm gonna (sic) make it threw (sic) next year without watchin (sic) your mouth hang open while you sleep."
Response: First off, I might have slept through Chemistry, but she apparently slept through English class. I have always hated Chemistry. I slept though it in High School and then took an "I" at BYU instead of an "F" when I bombed Chem 101. Ugh. Chemistry!

Comment: "Don't ever change!"
Response: Well, this person probably hates me today because I have changed a lot in 15 years. First, I no longer turn off all of the lights and listen to The Cure when I experience drama in my personal life. Second, I no longer blast LL Cool J's "Mama Said Knock You Out" in my car to get pumped up for basketball games. I now listen to "Wheels on the Bus" as I head out to church ball with my family. Third, I now have ear hair.

Comment: "I hope your life ends up great!"
Response: I would really like to track this person down and let them know that their wish for me came true. I've been married to my sweetheart for eleven incredibly happy, fulfilling years. We have been blessed with three beautiful children. We have been sealed as an eternal family in the temple. The Lord had me serve a mission to Chile and gave me the chance to learn to love Him and to serve other people. My parents, siblings, and in-laws care about me, support me, and bring happiness into my life. I have been given opportunities through education and employment that I had never expected to attain. The Lakers and Diamondbacks have won championships in my adult life and the Panthers played in the Super Bowl. BYU is on a 103-0 run over its last two games. Yeah, my life ended up great.

Or rad.

Or cool.

Or studly.

Whatever you want to call it.


T-Shirts said...

My favorite is HAGS! (Have A Great Summer) We couldn't even write out four words!

9:35 PM
Colleen said...

My husband is 6'9" and HILARIOUS. Your friend was obviously uninformed about the comedic prowess of super tall guys.

And I had a guy write a poem in my yearbook about how he was going to smash my pretty head with a rock. He was certifiable. And the senior class president. Yep.

9:50 PM
The Wiz said...

Apparently we are the same age. This freaks me out, as I am in no way capable of being bishop, even if I were a dude.

10:00 PM
Natalie said...

Oh the yearbook comments! I don't think I would be brave enough to brake that out in front of anyone I know. The stud comment cracks me up though. It dates you :).

6:08 AM
Michelle said...

I had one friend write the lyrics to the Golden Girls theme song. Sweet and creepy, all at the same time.

8:19 AM
Motherboard said...

Wicked awesome. That's the phrase in my book.
(That phrase seems like an oxy moron to me now... )

Not even for a million dollars would I go back to high school. No sir. No way. No how!

What was your object lesson? I'm curious...(and your a bishop? yikes!)

8:52 AM
Col.Smeag said...

My Year Books are on the bottom of the storage pile. I do recall some that probably would be par for the course though.
My HS has a allumni web site and only 3 or 4 allumnist signed up. So much for the I will never forget you comments.

9:37 AM
dragonnldy77 said...

I think my favorite now (although at the time it kinda creeped me out) was from the strange kid who never smiled and sat in the back of the chemistry class wrote "So I dont know you but your hair smells nice". Wierd. But hey - my hair smelled nice. :)

9:43 AM
mama cow said...

I was surprised to see how many people called me spaz and psycho now I remember why nobody like me in high school. I own my spazziness now and it makes me a better mother. Oh well I cant wait for my ten year next year so I can show up all nice and skinny after three kids, take THAT mean girls!

9:58 AM
Hans-Juergen said...

My favorite ones to look back on were the girls who wrote extra-nice messages like: "You're such a nice guy! Don't change! KIT (keep in touch) followed by a phone number.

I firmly believed these girls were using super-estrogen-laced-jedi-mind-trick-reverse psychology, and I interpreted their messages as follows:

"You're such a nice guy!" really meant: "You creep me out. Don't ever touch me or come near me."

"Don't change!" really meant: If you move to the West Coast, I'll move to the East Coast, because I want you as far away from me as possible!"

"KIT 555-1234" really meant: Don't bother calling this number because it's really a suicide hotline, which is a better alternative for you than what awaits if you were to ask me out."

But I didn't have a complex about girls and rejection. Not at all. Really. No-siree! La-La-La, high school was great!

10:19 AM
Lassen Family said...

Loved this! Now I'll have to pull out my yearbooks, although I do remember someone writing down the seam of the page "I wrote in your crack! haha" Nice, real nice.

12:17 PM
Meredith said...

First time commenter (yay me!). My favorite that I can remember (since my actual yearbooks are in Utah at my parents' house) is "INVU4URAQT." Good times. I always tried to write something really random, such as "I saw a dog on the way to school!" or "Ballerinas have weird feet!" I might have actually signed someone's birthday card like that last week.

One last thing--my bro-in-law was in the same mission as you at the same time, I believe (94-96). Small world.

1:37 PM
Tiffany said...

Mine's similar to Meredith's: IYQ4URAQT and then the pi symbol. I guess people thought that I didn't know how to read real words.

Also, people wrote stuff like, "Stay Mormon" b/c I was one of few Mormons in my school and that's what people knew me as. I guess I can tell them that I have successfully followed their advice..but its a good thing that they told me to, or I just might not have.

Lots of people that never talked to me told me "I'm going to miss you sooooo much this summer!" I'm glad to know that I was obviously a huge part of these people's lives, even though they never spoke to me. Somehow though, they made it through the whole summer and then saw me in school that year and still never acknowledged my presence until the end of the next school year when they wrote the same thing in my yearbook.... Hmmm...maybe they were just painfully shy.

4:31 PM
Lindsay said...

Someone wrote in my crack, too.

9:13 PM
Sandy said...

I got the random "tall" comments, too. Its sad that a.) at the end of a whole year together, that's the only memory these people had of me and b.) that they felt the need to remind me that I was tall - cuz ,you know, I wasn't sure...I'll have to get my yearbooks out and take a look, though, I'm sure it'd be good for a laugh.

BTW, what's an "enternal family"?:)

9:13 PM
Laurie said...

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The long and the short of it is that you can go to and right click the little photo there. Then add it to your sidebar and just note "Vote yes on prop 8." We are hoping that anyone and everyone who knows someone in California will read this site and realize the truth about it. In my public affairs role I'm contacting as many prominent LDS bloggers as I can to help spread the word. Thanks, and great blog!

10:01 PM
Col.Smeag said...


I'm sure that had those teen-age beauties known or comprehended the term " retraining order" the court would have set up shop in the cafeteria at lunch. Highschool was great....ummm could we talk about what I would do with $1 million dollars next as a pick me up.

10:06 PM
Anonymous said...

I've never commented before, but here goes...My favorite yearbook quote was: "I hope your summer is like a (pee)...Long, warm, and refreshing!"


12:26 AM
Roxanne said...

I dont remember much of my high school year books, i would have to pull them out but im sure at some point someone called me Foxy Roxy or wrote the lyrics of the Roxanne song... soooo unoriginal! That song gets annoying fast! Believe me!

10:24 AM
Anonymous said...

Have a great/cool summer!, Don't change!, You are such a cutie, all classic in my yearbooks as well. Think it's because we went to the same HS and were in the same graduating class, and had lot's of the same friends? I would like to know actually what I wrote in your yearbook~ probably something along the lines of marrying your hs girlfriend! ha ha ha ~ oh how we have such a limited view of life then. :) Glad you Stayed cool, and even though I haven't seen you in 15 years, I'm sure NMW would vouch for you being a stud. :)


5:04 PM
Andymann said...

Being from Arizona, EVERYBODY wrote something about staying cool all summer and going to San Diego to escape the heat. Maybe a few "stud" references here and there and a bunch of "see you next year" comments.

9:57 PM
Emily said...

Big Bird is funny and he's tall :-)

No one signed my yearbook...Wait, WAIT, before you all pity me--I didn't buy ANY of my high school yearbooks, except for my senior year, AND they never had the books finished until about two months after school ended. So NO ONE got their books signed unless they brought them to school at the start of the new school year (which I obviously did not because I was already out of there). Yes, lame, I know. But I had a lot of the standard "see ya next year", and "you're so sweet"-s on some of the other items people signed.

10:04 AM
PoNyman said...

Hilarious. My daughter pulled out my yearbooks a couple weeks ago so I had to quote a bunch of stuff to my wife. Most of mine are the same also, stud, studmuffin, two crack comments, etc. But my sophmore year seemed to be the most inventive:
1. ...Someday you might be faster than me, but I doubt it!
2. ...don't fall in a hole and get bit by a snake.
3. Hello Man I'm glad I got to know you even though you are a little strange....p.s. Sorry about writing on you. (This was the second comment about writing on me. Was I some sort of notepad in high school?)
4. Hope you don't become a stud like me. Maybe next year you'll start going for those babes you dream about. (Didn't happen.)
5. To a cool friend who thinks he is smart....
6. Don't worry, babes don't bite, too bad. (signed) Trailblazing Stallion. (At least it is an attempt to move away from stud.)
7. Thanks for not letting me cheat off your tests maybe I learned something about cells. "Bradshaw Mountain Concentration Camp of 1990"

2:19 PM
Anonymous said...

This was awesome. We also had jr. high year books. My 8th grade yearbook has this...

A sweet and dear friend and I want to stay that way too! I hope our friendship can grow cause you're really close to me. I never get to see you and that's really a bummer but life's hard. L/Y/L/A/S Smile! F/F Friends,

Now that was the last year we were friends. She went on to be a cheerleader in high school and dropped all of her jr. high friends. I recently found her on myspace and emailed her because I posted old school memory photos and I wanted to share them with her. She never replied. So much for wanting to stay close forever.

Lylas stood for Love ya like a sis. We signed it all of the time and of course F/F meant friends forever.

7:56 PM
Anonymous said...

"My parents, siblings, and in-laws care about me"
It is 9.48 pm here. It is almost the week end. I should go to bed instead of being in front of this computer and I have a migraine (despite the fact that I am not married). This is my excuse for telling you that I got scared when I read this.
I thought your parents were siblings.

12:50 PM