17 Twilight Highlights

Monday, December 01, 2008

In honor of everybody's favorite 17-year-old couple, here are 17 random thoughts that passed through my head while watching the Twilight movie. Please feel free to vote for your favorite:

1. "...but I pictured a real-life Homer Simpson!" After reading the Twilight books I had developed a perfect mental picture of Charlie. He was supposed to be balding, 50 pounds overweight, insecure and constantly shoving Little Debbie's down his pie hole. The guy they cast to play Charlie actually looked like a competent, rugged law enforcement professional cut from the Magnum P.I. cloth. Tall, thin, athletic, gratuitous cop mustache....Not at all what I pictured Charlie to be.

2. "...It's Friday, I'm in love!" Is it just me, or could Alice pass for Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure? Between the chalk-white faces, red lipstick and perky black hair, they are nearly indistinguishable.

3. "...and don't forget your 50-pound tube of lip gloss, either." Did anybody else notice that the canister of mace that Charlie gave to Bella was the approximate size of an oxygen tank used by scuba divers? Seriously, that thing was enormous! Charlie must have thought Bella was going on a date with a frisky Jolly Green Giant or a lonely Paul Bunyon and may need to dispense 25-40 pounds of mace if her date crossed the line.

4. "...and they really like to gamble, too." Not to perpetuate the stereotype or anything, but the first time a Native American appeared in the movie he was carrying two six-packs of beer. If his legs worked he would have probably had a keg strapped to his back. The Director should re-shoot Billy's first scene to show him full of dignity imparting traditional Native American wisdom to a school auditorium full of ignorant, rich white kids...and then getting plastered by the tether ball pole afterward!

5. "...and Christie Brinkley has chubby cheeks." Christie Brinkley was the spokes model for NuSkin Enterprises while I was employed there. She toured our corporate headquarters and ended up standing about five feet away from me while I processed an order. Christie Brinkley was stunning in person. Absolutely stunning. But despite her otherworldly beauty, I could not get over how chubby her cheeks looked. She kind of looked like a squirrel during her return trip to deposit a few acorns into the winter food supply. The actress who played Rosalie had a similar impact on me. She is probably more attractive than 99.37% of the female population, but she could never live up to the image of Rosalie that I had created in my mind. (Okay, I just pictured Rosalie to look exactly like Jessica Simpson. Call me shallow. I don't care.)

6. "...blame it on his Native American drinking buddies!" After Twilight ended the Normal Mormon Wife leaned over to me and said, "So is Charlie a drunk, or what? I think he had a beer in his hand in every scene." Yes, in fact, he was chugging a Rainier beer in every scene. Maybe the Charlie/Homer parallels can work after all.

7. "...her secret is the Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine shampoo and conditioner." Where in the world did the wind come from that caused Bella's hair to dance like she was in a shampoo commercial when she walked toward Edward on their first day of science class? They must have either been doing a science experiment on aerodynamics and Bella accidentally walked into the wind tunnel or somebody opened a window and a tornado touched down ten feet from the school. How does that happen to a person's hair in the middle of school? Is this one of Bella's special untapped supernatural powers?

8. "...he drank a Red Bull and it gave him wings." After Bella's hair settled down and she took her seat for her first day of science class, I noticed that Edward has mysteriously grown a short, stubby pair of white wings! Did I miss something in the book? Was Edward really a winged cherubic angel and not a blood-thirsty vampire? Oh, wait, he's just sitting in front of a stuffed white owl. Weird cinematography, if you ask me. Edward kinda looked liked John Travolta in the movie Michael for a moment there.

9. "...if somebody robbed the Rainier Beer truck, then maybe I'd work some overtime." Shortly after the murder takes place in Forks, Bella and Charlie are seen having lunch together in a diner full of completely freaked-out townsfolk who are depending on the Chief of Police to restore peace to their community by apprehending the killer. There are no leads, no suspects, and the murderer is still on the loose. Charlie, however, tells Bella something along the lines of, "You should go out with your friends tonight. I'm just going to watch the Mariners game and then turn in early." Whew! For a moment there I thought Charlie might have to put in more than his standard 32-hour work week. Glad to see that something trivial like an unsolved murder isn't going to affect Charlie's ability to watch baseball and get drunk with Billy.

10. "...and a $20 dollar bill makes me a millionaire!" When Bella enters Edward's bedroom she takes a quick inventory of all of his stuff and says, "Wow! You've got a ton of CD's!" The camera angles that I saw showed a stack of about 19 CD's in his collection. Maybe this is just a generational thing since Bella is 17 and has been raised in the digital music era where you no longer have to buy CD's. I have friends who were in high school in the 1990's who have hundreds of CD's sitting in CD racks that take up entire walls in their rooms. Take that, Bella!

11. "...I bet The Little Mermaid would eat Flounder if she was a vampire." When I read the books I pictured Victoria to have deep, dark, FLAMING red hair. Like Pippie Longstocking, The Little Mermaid, Carrot Top, or Wendy from the Wendy's logo. The actress who played Victoria had a reddish tint to her hair, but come on, people! I wanted a blood-thirsty Ariel for crying out loud! (Now there's a movie with some potential. I'm totally going to write a screenplay for the Ariel-is-a-vampire idea for the upcoming Little Mermaid IV: Ariel's Revenge. That's gold, Jerry, GOLD!)

12. "...and he color coordinates all by himself!" Speaking of flaming...what was the deal with Erik? When the self-appointed welcome committee welcomes Bella to school I could have sworn that he had just returned from a "No on 8" rally. Either that or tryouts for the Vienna Boys Choir. Every one of Erik's appearances was just awkward. What was that all about?

13. "...can I get some more cream pie over here, please?" I know the Cullens are supposed to have pale skin and all, but Carlisle looks like he just finished getting a cream pie to the face.

14. "...and she can crack walnuts in her bare hands, too." HOLY COW! ALICE JUST RIPPED JAMES' HEAD OFF! That was totally unexpected. Forget Rosalie. It's team Alice for me, baby!

15. "...and I'm not dazzled by my son's Lite Brite, either!" Perhaps the most anticlimactic moment of the movie was when Edward takes Bella into the forest, bears his chest, and then dramatically steps into the sunlight. When I read the book I envisioned the sunlight blazing off of Edward like he was a human lighthouse or something. In the movie it looked like he accidentally spilled some glitter paint on him while making Christmas decorations.

16. "...and the second worst wardrobe malfunction of all time goes to..." Everybody raise your hand if you wear actual baseball uniforms at your family's 4th of July softball game. Okay, it looks like nobody is raising their hands except for the few members of the Cullen family who read this blog. What was up with the cheesy baseball unis? Those were the second-worst family outfits in movie history, placing just behind the Griswold family for wearing matching berets in European Vacation. I can just see the following conversation taking place at the Cullen house:

Carlisle: "Edward, you will wear that baseball uniform, and that's final!"
Edward: "Aw, but dad, I look stupid."
Carlisle: "Edward, your mother worked really hard to make these for us. Now put on your jersey and let's go."
Edward: "But I look like a dork, dad! Bella's coming with us and we all look stupid!"
Carlisle: "Grow up, Edward. Stop acting like an 86-year-old!"
Edward: "I hate you!" (leaves in tears.)

17. "...and Edward drives Lightning McQueen." Hey, I think Charlie just bought Tow Mater for Bella to drive to school. I would not be surprised if halfway through the movie Bella's truck said something like, "Sheee-oooot! How's abouts us drivin' backwards and then doin' some tractor tippin'? Sound good, Bella?"

Well, I hope everybody enjoyed Twilight. I'm already mentally preparing myself to endure two hours of Bella doing nothing but crying when the New Moon movie comes out. Ugh.

The Little Mermaid IV is sounding better and better by the minute.

Somebody call my agent!


PamJorg said...

AMEN! I agree with all your 17 thoughts. I was obsessed with these books till I saw the movie.

Thanks for letting me blog-stalk, your blog makes me laugh regularly and who doesn't need that now-a-days?

9:39 PM
Anonymous said...

I really like reading your blog and agreed with alot of your thoughts. As for number 7, however, Bella walked in front of a fan. That's what made her hair move.

Please keep up the great blog. :)

10:26 PM
Amy Btw M said...

Okay, I rather liked the movie, but now that you mention it, there was quite a huge amount of beer drinking going on.
I especially liked your Tow Mater comment. Very funny.

10:41 PM
Anonymous said...

Very funny blog. I loved the movie, but your thoughts really made me giggle. Thanks for that!

By the way, Bella was standing directly in front of a fan in her biology class, hence the "mysterious wind" in her hair.

11:12 PM
Anonymous said...

No. Just no. I hope you're just joking on some of those! Particularly: Bellas hair (she walked in front of a fan) Erik (looked great in every scene) etc etc

Not a fan of your post here. Unless it was supposed to be funny.

12:04 AM
Jenny said...

Raineer Beer was a testament to what real Washington small towns are like. I can understand how a Mormon Husband might not understand that it's NORMAL to drink a beer after work (and it doesn't mean you're an alcoholic!), but also Reineer Beer is sort of a "thing" in the pacific northwest. It was a shoutout to the locals.

12:05 AM
Doncha Wannano said...

Oh come on people! Don't take Twilight so seriously! It's not scripture! NMH I think you were spot on. I wondered if they did the wings on Edward on purpose. How could editing not notice that?

12:08 AM
jennie w. said...

I thought the same thing about Rosalie. (Did she ever have some junk in her trunk!) They couldn't find a prettier blonde in California?

4:06 AM
normal mormon wife said...

Wait up! You liked the movie, right? It's fun to pick out all the funny/dorky/cheezy parts, but overall the movie was still really good. That didn't come across in your post. (Don't run from your feelings!)

And as for Bella's hair in biology class, I have to take credit for that highlight because I kept bringing it up. Yes, I saw the HUGE fan in the background with strings tied to it so you wouldn't miss it. I just thought it was a cheezy way to get her to look like she was on a magazine cover photo shoot the first time Edward sees her.

5:20 AM
Pixee said...

Bella walked in front of a fan in Biology class; that's what caused the Shampoo Commercial Effect.

More importantly, what happened on the baseball field? It hadn't been windy at all, up until Bella turns to walk away and suddenly there's a breeze. Did someone bring the fan from Biology? Really, that girl's hair blowing in a breeze causes the most trouble. She should just get a buzz cut. G.I. Bella.

7:21 AM
Jen said...

I totally agree with your Erik and Carlisle comments. I also didn't like the way they portrayed Mike. That guy would have been a dork at my high school.

8:09 AM

New to your blog! I am totally ignorant when it comes to the whole twilight rage! I will use my location as an excuse. Anyways very useful information... You are very funny and I have enjoyed your ramblings! Keep up the great blogging!

8:29 AM
Michelle said...

i think you should call stephanie meyer up and ask to accompany her on the set of the next film so you can give all your input.

you can relate. you're both mormon.

8:35 AM
Amie said...

The wings were a great touch and I think totally on purpose. And how could you not notice the fan?! That was one of the cheesier moments in the movie. I noticed the same thing about the CDs..can we say low budget movie? I don't care. It was still great. And likely the NMW loved it and loved you all the more for taking her. =)

8:56 AM
Kristi said...

You forgot to mention the gratuitous Stephenie Meyer shot in the diner!

9:09 AM
Mrs. B. Roth said...

#14 was the only part my NMH enjoyed. You didn't mention the strange scampering up trees bits ... I spent a lot of this movie silently laughing hysterically. Glitter paint ... ha ha ha. INTENSE INTENSE INTENSE.

9:18 AM
Melanie said...

I just have to say that almost everyone of your posts have me laughing to the point of tears! You are seriously so funny.

I loved the movie, and at the same time, I totally agree with your thoughts. Especially the baseball uniforms...oh the stupid baseball uniforms!

9:28 AM
kP~love said...

these are hillarious! i laughed non stop!

except you forgot the part where edward does his awesome crazy spin out and drives away.

also, emmett is always standing in whatever car he is in, did you notice that?? why, i dunno. hahaah showin he is better than the car he is in. dont look at my awesome four door jeep wrangler, look at me. thats right. hhahah

keep up the laughs man, its awesome!

9:38 AM
kP~love said...

also, no mention of the AWFUL running. where tehy didnt touch the ground. or the tree climbs and they didnt even grip the tree. but the running was oh so awful i laughed every time .

and his googley eyes. that was HILLARIOUS!

this movie was just as funny as it was serious

9:39 AM
violetsareblue said...

love all your comments-

What did you think of Edward driving a hatchback? That car didn't exactly scream sexy vampire....Love the Robert Smith comparison. How about Jasper and Edward Scissorhands? Keep up the much needed analysis!

9:48 AM
Kiirsi said...

I think the reason for the fan was NOT to make her hair like a shampoo commercial--but rather, to blow her scent immediately to Edward. So the un-initiated could realize that he was fine until he caught her scent blowing his way from the fan.

They shouldn't have done it in slow-motion, however. That was a little much.

And yes, the owl wings were on purpose. Catherine Hardwicke said they were a couple of days ago in an interview. :)

I'm surprised Stephenie didn't object to the constant beer cans.

9:54 AM
Lassen Family said...

LOVED this! You're hillarious!! I got a kick out of the movie, thought parts were good, but there was SOOOOO much cheesy! Spot on man, spot on!

12:26 PM
Candi said...

Looks like you've been set straight on the fan issue...But don't you remember Charlie telling the concerned town folk that the suspect appeared to be heading east and was therefore being pursued by the Kitsap County Sheriff? See? Threat over. Bella can go and play.
You're points were all very funny though and not serious enough to tick me off (because I loved the movie), but I'm with your wife - don't run from your feelings, embrace the fact that you are one of an elite few - Male Twilighters.

12:49 PM
babyred92 said...

yeah the fan blew her hair back and it was supposed to make edward be really really uncomfortable because bella's scent was flying around all over the room

12:57 PM
meleofa said...

You are hilarious! I loved the movie, but your thoughts were awesome. I laughed myself silly reading this post. hehe.

1:27 PM
Gretchen said...

Most of these didn't bug me, except I am SO with you on #5. Whose idea was it to use a brunette and bleach her hair to play Rosalie?????

But in general, I'm with you. CHEEE-SY!

1:36 PM
Elaine said...

Yes! What was up with all the beer? No wonder Bella could have her boyfriend up in her room all the time without being caught -- dad was passed out drunk all the time. Though I don't remember that being in the book.
Love your blog!

1:43 PM
Trina said...

Am I the only one that noticed the whole wall of CD's? There was a ton of them there! I didn't even think of the hair thing as being cheesy. I was too busy laughing at Jaspers 'deer in headlights' look.

2:21 PM
Graham P.B. said...

I caught every single one of those with the exception of Billy Black being a raging alcoholic. And I really should have :-)

2:57 PM
Pollock Family said...

Oh it just makes me laugh! Good times.

4:20 PM
Anilu Magloire said...

Dudes, you need to watch the movie again.
I've seen it 7 times (yes se-ven) and I have a few corrections...
- Billy Black is NOT holding beer. Charlie is.
- Bela is in front of a HUGE fan in the bio lab. That's what blows her hair, not some kind of magic.
- Bella never said a ton of CDs she dais a ton of "music" bug diff.
- Stop dissing the baseball uniforms. I thought they looked cool.
- Revenge of the Little Mermaid was hilarious. Love your blog.

4:53 PM
Anilu Magloire said...

Oops, lots of typos. Sorry :)

4:54 PM

Love the Ariel's Revenge. I'm telling EVERYONE about that!


Edward Lover

and Author of
Affaire D'Amour

5:04 PM
Col.Smeag said...

I'm with you can we cut down the movie to just the clips with Alice in them. We can run them over and over for about 2 hours or throw in the uncut bloopers and stuf call it the Guys version of Twighlight. We can even cry through it to make it feel more original.

6:09 PM
Maraiya said...

What a fabulous list! I thought Charlie would be like the dad from Save the Last Dance. Balding and milquetoast. The dialogue was disappointing and yes, Victoria is supposed to have flaming red hair. Of all of these, how could they miss such a basic part of the book?!

People ask me how I liked the movie and I just say, "It was the best comedy I've seen in years."

7:17 PM
Kristy Lou said...

I'm surprised you even went to the movie. Had to push the percentage of men attending up to 3 percent? I had to beg my hub to come w/ me. He didn't fall asleep or groan or roll his eyes (that I could tell). When I pushed him for a response he told me to imagine watching Rambo in a pink leotard..."at least they ripped the guys head off. that was cool." Oh well...

Your blog is awesome. Loved your list of 17.

9:57 PM
Chela85 said...

Well I liked Eric and everyone has already dissed you about the fan lol. But I thought you were funny as usual!! I agree w/ the hair bit. You're "Carlisle/Edward" conversation was amazing! haha. When your first movie comes out you let me know, I'll be first in line =)

10:14 PM
Anonymous said...

Okay, did they post, shall I say it? Ugly kids on purpose just to make the vampire appear more beautiful? Very hilarious movie and it wasn't even a comedy.

10:34 PM
Kim said...

First of all, LOVE your blog. My NMH cracks up at it.

But, you forgot the best part of the movie that wasn't actually part of the movie, you experience it while watching the movie. What about all the tweeny girls who GIGGLE uncontrollably during any scene where Edward and Bella kiss? That cracked me up more than the shampoo hair, baseball uniforms and rampant alcoholism combined!

12:31 AM
Andrea said...

That was hilarious. Well done and well said.

8:16 AM
Caitlin Pattinson said...

You totally forgot about all of Jasper's crazy ass facial expressions! He was constipated the whole movie! (so was edward actually, too) AND Emmet standing up in every moving vehicle - what is that guy's deal!?

8:28 AM
Val said...

JESSICA SIMPSON?!! That's it. Your IQ just dropped 20 points. Well, at least you didn't say Pamela Anderson. But seriously, you didn't even mention the HEINOUS wig on Jasper and the robot movements. What the heck was that all about? And the way they had Alice and Jasper dancing like apes around the burning body of James. Yikes. These are supposed to be evolved vampires. And Eric? Well, I actually got a kick out of him. Don't you know girls love to hang out with "those kind" of boys? They make the bestest friends ever! Truth be told, I liked the movie. I had anticipated something even worse (if you can imagine that) and was pleasantly surprised at it's entertainment value.

8:37 AM
R Max said...

You love Twilight...

... admit it.


4:47 PM
Anonymous said...

Ahahaha I am still chuckling as I type this. Your 17 thoughts were hilarious! I love Twilight the novel, and I didn't even try to hope that the movie would measure up, but wow did the movie just fall so far away from my expectations. I was expecting decent; not BAD. At least you could spin what I thought was bad into some funny stuff!

Well, I read Twilight for the first time two years ago, so that's why I'll continue to love it. And I have to admit, I'll probably be watching New Moon. Just because I'm pathetic that way.

8:12 PM
Mel said...

Love your blog, man. Without it, I'd lose my grasp on reality. My daughter and I laughed out loud at Edward and Carlisle's baseball uniform arguement. I'm laughing about it still! And I have to agree with the post about the running. MAN, can you say low budget?

5:01 PM
Jill said...

I never leave comments on the blogs I randomly read, but for the sake of feeling like a "Twilight expert", I will correct you on one thing..In Edwards room he also has stacks of records and 8 tracks! I noticed that only after seeing it for the third time..(wow, I am a dork, but I only went because I was forced...at gigantic pepper spray point) lol

8:04 PM
jamie hixon said...

I don't know you, but I'm digging your blog. I normally wouldn't leave a comment, but I just gotta.
I agree with about half of your complaints (hello spilled glitter!), plus I have some more of my own. (Hm... I wonder if the real town of Forks is a multi-cultural melting pot of well dressed teens?)
I was able to overlook more faults in this movie than I thought I would, but I hope they get a bigger budget (and a different director) for the next film.
I tend to be much more picky than your average movie goer, and I'm glad I wasn't the only one that saw a lot of silliness in this film.

9:07 PM

yea, about those baseball uniforms...what bothered me most was not the uniforms themselves, although cheesy, yes, but Esme's HAT! Not only did she have a hideously huge wig, but then she had a huge baseball cap that was not actually pulled over her head, but rather placed upon her gigantic coif. It was awful.

1:54 PM
Amy said...

Am I the only one who noticed Bella's scandalous silky shorts/tank pajamas? I'm telling you, it gets COLD at Forks. Even in August, it is still freezing.

And when Edward jumps back from her with the omniscient NO sounding from on high, all Bella has to do is lay back down and she's all ready for her OB/Gyno appointment. Seriously, who sits like that wearing short shorts?

8:30 AM
08ertwilighter said...

i've seen TWILIGHT twice now, and never seen/noticed the owl/edward-wings thing... carlisle's makeup was excessively extreme - and it didn't help that there was NO makeup on his neck or anything (BRIGHT WHITE face, normal neck?). i wish they'd taken the 10 seconds to mention that jasper had a power (and, of course, what it is) - it would/will be quite beneficial to know when outsiders are trying to understand the dynamics of the cullen coven. especially in new moon, when everybody goes crazy! bella's truck isn't tow-mater, it doesn't look THAT much like it or anything... other than that, i generally agree with your observations, and thought this post was pretty hilarious!

12:27 PM
Wendilynn said...

My sides hurt! *wipes the tears away* #3 was my favorite.

2:52 AM
savvy said...

THANK YOU! i loooooved the book....like i was obsessed...every thought i had had something to do with twilight or one of the books....until i saw this movie. IT SUCKED! i went saw it at midnight...a total waste of time. haha. the meadow scene [if u can call it that] was incredably cheesy! hahaha. same with the port angles scene [is jessica practicing to be a prostitue or something...i mean look at that dress..lol] but yeah. thank you so much. this is one of the best things i've read about the movie. =D

7:20 PM
Susan Anderson said...

I have to say ... I loved the movie! I also loved your post though. Here's my favorite Twilight moment: Edward has got James by the throat and is about to take care of business, when Carlisle and the others arrive. Carlisle says to Edward, something like: "Remember who you are, my son." So very Mormon-y!! So Edward is too good to kill James ... but his brothers and Alice can go right ahead and rip him shreds??? What's up with that?

12:08 PM
G. Labares said...

Haha, I actually wrote a ten age commentary on twilight. We share alot of same points. Though im guessing Taylor Launtner's hair was to overrated to comment on haha. I can imagine Taylor now, being all excited for his major role in New Moon but I can tell that summit has something up its sleeve to put the focus back on Edward

4:44 AM
soonerorlater_j said...

That was hilarious! And I do like the Ariel IV idea...much better than the other sequels. But, as to number 7 on your list, there was a fan in the room which blew Bella's hair and scent so perfectly and contrivedly. My question during that scene was, "Why do you they have fan going? It's supposed to be March...in Washington! It's cold, rainy, and possibly with a side of snowy; who has a fan in the classroom in those kind of conditions." I secretly think the science teacher was trying to get them all sick so he could segue into lectures on viruses and such. Opportunistic much?

11:17 AM
Beth said...

I think the giant can of mace was supposed to be Bear pepper spray. My MIL lives in Wyoming and she carries that stuff around all the time. It comes in a HUGE canister that looks a lot like a fire extinguisher. When Charlie gives it to Bella, they have a conversation about people getting eaten by animals. So it makes sense to me.

I feel about the same way as you do in regards to the rest of the movie. So awk-weird. I went to see it with a friend and we laughed during all the "Romantic" parts because they were so cheesy. The schmaltzy electric guitar music made us laugh even harder.

3:56 PM
friendly5000 said...

Agnus said....

Loved your comments. I don't know why I even read your "Highlights" I'm trying to forget that I went and saw this movie. I couldn't stop laughing at this epic failure. I think you forgot to add that Jasper looked constipated and in needed of immediate relief throughout the movie. Where do you sign up for those acting lessons? Bella also had the same look most of the time (kinda reminded me of "the look " in Zoolander). I have to say the movie seemed to appeal to all the 12 year olds in the audience. Perhaps we are all just too old to appreciate and get it, or maybe we just needed Charlie to share his liquid courage.

10:32 PM
Anonymous said...

Heh heh, co-starring Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen would have really helped gain popularity for Twilight . . . as if there weren't enough people knowing about the movie. Keep entertaining us with your hilarious (and humorously, lightly criticizing) anti-blurbs!

8:51 PM
Anonymous said...

Rainier beer doesn't exist anymore! I live in small town Washington state, and Twilight does NO justice. By the way, we don't wear plaid! Gosh.

6:17 PM
Anonymous said...

the point of the fan was to blow bella's scent over to edward, not to make her look like she was at a "magazine cover photo shoot"

11:22 AM
Anonymous said...

to #10 erm there were a ton of cds they were on the shelf i though under the records? oh well nice blog tho :)

5:22 PM
Anonymous said...

and btw on the owl thing catherine forgot to take it out they didnt want it but kristin and them didnt see what the big deal was about the owl

5:27 PM
Anonymous said...

and for the baseball uniforms u have to remember the cullens are old school that uniform stuff was cheesy in the early 1900s late 1800s but that was probably normal for them :) but esme's hat looked horrfic on her but u can blame that on the weather all the actresses had to wear the dumb hats becuz wigs were frizzin up :P

5:32 PM
Chelsea said...

#16 is my favorite!! :D "Stop acting like an 86-year-old!"
LOVE your blog. Thanks for bringing down those Twihards out there. ;)

12:12 PM