Play the NMH March Madness Challenge! (Battle of the Sexes plus Giveaway)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bring it on, NMH community. That's right.




The glorious season of March Madness is upon us. One of my favorite annual traditions is making my March Madness picks, watching games all day with the NMW, refreshing my browser 49,408 times a day at work to track my teams during the early rounds, watching last second buzzer beaters, rooting for Cinderellas, talking junk with friends in my March Madness league...I could go on and on, so I'll just stop there.

Now that there is a decent little NMH community, I though I would share the love of the season and create an NMH March Madness league for everybody to join. Please, everybody, join the league! If you have never filled out a bracket before, do it this year. You'll be hooked. I promise. Registration is free through Yahoo! and only takes about a minute to register. Just do the following:

1. Click here -> Normal Mormon Husbands league (Yahoo Group ID is 69079)
2. Password: NMH

As if March Madness leagues are not wonderful enough on their own, I am going to put two little twists to the NMH league:

1) I will offer giveaway prizes for the first time in the history of this blog.

2) It will be a Battle of the Sexes and the gender with the highest average score will win the title of King/Queen of Hoops for the rest of 2009. Please put an "M" for male or an "F" for female at the end of your team's name if you want your picks to count, e.g. Fat Billy's All-Stars (M), or I Love My Three Cute Kids!!!!! (F)

Giveaway Prizes
First Place: 1997 Upper Deck - Michael Jordan Catch 23: Championship Drive Card.
Since Michael Jordan's UNC Tar Heels beat Georgetown in one of the most memorable NCAA Championships in recent memory, I figured this card had to go to the winner of our league. I'm not sure if this Jordan fellow ended up winning any more championships in college or the NBA after that, so I hope he is a good representation of a winner. Can somebody Google him for me?

Runner Up: 1991 Fleer - John Stockton "League Leader" Card.
Growing up as a Lakers fan in Salt Lake City in the 1980's-1990's, I hated the Jazz. I mean, really, really, really hated the Jazz. The Lakers-Jazz rivalry was too passionate to feel any other way. But as much as I rooted against the Jazz, I always respected Stockton. Class act. Made his teammates better. Always worked hard. Never "made it rain" outside a gentleman's establishment at 3:15 a.m. But no matter how good Stockton was, the Jazz always finished runner up, and so will the person who gets this prize.

Worst Bracket: 1991 Fleer - Isiah Thomas Card.
Indiana Pacers. Toronto Raptors. Continental Basketball Association. New York Knicks. Anucha Brown Sanders (read my post on her and Isiah.) Stephon Marbury. The mysterious "a" that is missing in the spelling of his name - Isaiah vs. Isiah. 'Nuf said. The loser gets the Isiah card as consolation for an otherwise pointless and disappointing March Madness bracket.

Oh, wait, there is one more thing that I love about March Madness that I have to mention - I always print my bracket on the first day of the tournament and then carry it around with me for three weeks like Linus and his blanket. Or Plaxico Burres and his pistol. Whatever. Anyway, when my teams win I gleefully circle those picks. When they lose, I angrily "x" them out. By the end of the tournament my bracket has been folded, crumpled, scribbled upon, stained with pizza grease, and generally abused so badly that it looks like a treasure map that Nicolas Cage would use in National Treasure 14: The Search for Bernie Madoff's Millions. I need to start collecting these old brackets and putting them into a scrapbook - er, Manbook - every year. This way the Normal Mormon Wife could pull out her beautiful scrapbooks to show our friends the pictures from our summer vacations. I could then show them how I correctly picked a 13-seed upsetting a 4-seed seven years ago. I like where this is heading...

When the 2009 tournament is concluded, hopefully I will have a 1997 Upper Deck Michael Jordan first-place card in my Manbook alongside the battered and abused bracket.

I just hope I don't end up with Isiah.

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Col.Smeag said...

Sorry NMH but Spring Training is underway here in Phoenix. I work next to the Angels Stadium. Trying to leave work every day is like trying to get the hot bread pudding at the all you can eat buffet on Senior night. Go D Backs!

11:13 PM
Val said...

A Lakers fan? A LAKERS fan? Did you have a fever your whole childhood? I hate the Lakers!! A Mormon boy living in SLC hating the Jazz. Well, you must have been quite the scrapper on the playground. Not that you were obligated to be a die hard Jazz fan, but the Lakers? Give me moment...

10:22 AM

Val - You're a Jazz fan??!! We are no longer on blogging/commenting/posting terms anymore. Okay, kidding. It was good for me to live in Arizona and the North Carolina after graduating from BYU to distance myself a little from the whole Lakers-Jazz rivalry.

I can openly admit to the fact that, as an adult, I have put sports and life in better perspective. I now even like the Jazz and root for them unless they are playing the Lakers.

The Lakers were such a big part of my life as a kid that I turned my bedroom in a purple and gold shrine that was decorated wall-to-wall with Lakers posters, banners, newspaper articles, etc. I cried as a high schooler when Magic Johnson retired due to being HIV positive and wore all black the next day. Seriously, I did. (But keep in mind that back then we knew so little about HIV/AIDS that I though my idol was going to die in about 7.9 seconds.)

Even though I am a rational, stable adult, there are few things that still make me more mad than hearing a "Beat LA! Beat LA!" chant when the Lakers are on the road.

Maybe I still have a little more growing up to do....

10:47 AM
Val said...

Your forgiven. I guess. And truthfully, growing up in Oregon, I'm a Blazers fan at heart. And I concur that Stockton is a class act. His kid seems to be following in his footsteps. Big shoes to fill, though, so I feel for him. And as for the growing up part, don't do it, man, don't do it. Grown ups aren't very funny.

12:51 PM
NMW said...

I got three words for you:

You're going down!

12:10 PM
bioman75 said...

Never win but love playing.

I got crap for being a laker fan in phoenix... a lot.

Go Lakers!

GO DEVILS! Fork 'em!

It has been too long since the last dance.

6:25 AM
Jared said...

Consider. It. Brought.

2:47 PM
Jared said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 2:48 PM
Chad said...

So Andrew, I am dying to know after looking at these prizes... do you still collect cards? I remember many days at the cardshop on 5600 West when I would run into you there. I remember a friend of mine giving me the advice to spend as much money as I could on this new basketball players card named Michael Jordan. I remember making a face and saying that basketball was dumb and that I would stick to my baseball cards. I still kick myself endlessly for not.

Anyway. Just curious. I am still collecting the baseball cardboard. I haven't come across a card yet that is worth as much as the Jordan rookie. Kick! Kick! Kick!

1:05 AM

Dangit! I wish I would have filled out my bracket with your group! I am second in my group, and the highest of the girls that are playing! Oh well, next year.....


2:11 PM
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