Lenny's Birth Announcement

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Please share in our joy (and pain) of the newest addition to our family! (Click to enlarge)

(Props to my bro T-Boar for the birth announcement idea.)

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Katy said...

haha! great idea! Lenny IS a jerk. Glad you're better :)

8:35 PM
DeNae said...

You posted a picture of it. That is so totally gross.

But before you're too terribly offended, those very words often spring to mind when viewing pix of human newborns, too.


10:34 PM
Leslie said...

I'm laughing so hard it hurts...probably not as much as it hurt you. ((hugs))

10:44 PM
Mrs. M said...

So glad Lenny has entered this world. Hope you have a speedy recovery and that he IS an only child.

11:01 PM
MindySue said...

okay, so i'm pregnant, nauseous already and your post almost made me throw up. seriously. that picture is DISGUSTING!!!!


but oh so gross.

i expect a written apology for making me almost hurl ;)

11:23 PM
Carolyn said...

Ewwww! What IS that??!!!

4:51 AM
Brenda said...

Did they let you take that home? That is so vile.

9:09 AM

Carolyn - THAT is Lenny, the kidney stone that made my life completely miserable for the last week. I birthed him via a terribly painful "procedure" involving anesthesia, tubes, ramming, cajoling, and grabbing. He is 4.8 mm big and was born on Friday 8/14/09. I think he is the spawn of Satan who somehow entered the world through my body.

10:33 AM

Brenda - Yes, they let us take Lenny home in a very hygienic glass tube. He is now hanging out on top of my fridge. I am thinking of polishing him and using him as the stone on a ring or necklace or something. Wouldn't that be a fun conversation starter?

"Hey, take a look at the stone in my ring. His name is Lenny and I'm his daddy..."

10:35 AM
mama cow said...

I just thrw up a little in my mouth, Thanks!

11:26 AM
Nikki said...

lol- I totally thought it was a turd.

12:12 PM
MommaRose said...

You know you can recycle any of those left over clean strainers as party hats for his birthday party. So glad he is out and not still in causing you trouble.

12:40 PM
carmar76 said...

EW, but funny, for sure! we've all heard so much about lenny, it was time he made an appearance. and i share your hope that he is an only child. eep!

6:08 PM
Homer and Queen said...

THAT is about the coolest thing I have ever seen...I really don't have much of a life you know...

8:31 PM
Chad said...

Disturbing. Very creative post though. Disturbing still.

8:33 PM
Meredith said...

Wow, that's really gross. Mazel tov.

8:46 PM
Chad said...

Hey Andrew, I want your opinion on something.... it has to do with sports. Read it here: http://chadsaysrebeccasays.blogspot.com/2009/08/fantasy-sports.html

Curious about your opinion.

3:24 PM
Heather said...

Your Doctor did tell you that, once a kidney stone appears, it's most likely that you'll have another one, right? So Lenny might not be an only child. I hope he is for your sake though. Get better soon!

11:57 PM
Jill said...

As diturbing and awful as your experience is I can beat it hands down! I had 4 kidney stones while pregnant! One of which completely blocked one of my ureters. I spent a week in the hospital and has procedures that I'm sure were used during the reign of King Henry VIII. No kidding, I don't think those procedures are part of modern medicine!!!

Since I've experienced both kidney stones and child birth (at the same time) I can honestly say that kidney stones are much worse than childbirth. At the end of labor you have a wonderful beautiful baby. At the end of kidney stones, all you have is a rock. A very disgusting rock.

I have had so many kidney stones that I am currently experiencing long term side effects of everything related to them. I am so sorry that Lenny entered your life at all!!! Kidney stones are the spawn of Satan, I'm sure of it!

But from now on I'm going to start naming my stones, it will make things much easier to deal with. I greatly appreciate your post about this, it has made my current situation easier to deal with. Thank you.

And I hate to tell you this, but chances are Lenny won't be an only child.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: go and give your wife a great big kiss and hug. My husband is convinced that the spouse of the patient has to worst end of the deal when it comes to kidney stones. He says dealing with me is terrible! He may have earned his Celestial Glory for having to deal with me through my "experiences".

Glad it's over.

12:25 PM
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