Good Bye, My Friends

Saturday, September 26, 2009

When the Normal Mormon Wife was in high school she once broke up with her boyfriend by saying three simple words:

“I dump you.”

No long-winded explanations. No ultimatums. No room for compromise. The relationship was simply over.

Sometimes it is best to just get to the point. After staring at a blinking cursor for the last fifteen minutes I have decided to follow the NMW’s example and just come right out and say it:

I’m done as a blogger. This will be my last post.

The reason is simple. Over the past several months blogging has become more of a burden than a blessing. It feels more like work than a relaxing pastime. I have found myself often doing posts because I feel like I “have to” more than I simply “want to.” The demands of my top priorities in life – family, church, work, fantasy football, NCAA 2010, and Slurpees – have dramatically increased. My free time and energy have fallen faster than ACORN, though in my case it had nothing to do with pimps and/or women of ill repute.

While the NMH blog has a very small following, a few people may be disappointed in some way that I’m hanging it up. If that’s the case, I’m sorry. There are about 48 buzillion other blogs out there and I’m sure you’ll move on faster than Brad Pitt with a new female co-star. But before you do – thank you! Thank you for your comments. Thank you for your compliments and encouragement. Thank you for helping build a small NMH community. It’s been a very cool ride.

When I started my blog in September 2006 I never intended for anybody outside of my family and close friends to ever read what I wrote. And this is exactly what happened for over a year and a half. Then I wrote the Twilight Series for Dummies (And Desperate LDS Guys) in February 2008 and it got circulated around the web. Suddenly I was getting more traffic that I ever imagined. A reporter from the Salt Lake Tribune interviewed me. Bill Simmons at ESPN gave me a small compliment. People were actually paying me to advertise on my blog. And before I knew it, it felt like I had a second job.

After the initial excitement of seeing my blog grow wore off, the pressure to crank out a couple of good posts every week started to get to me. The pressure was always there, constantly lurking in the back of my mind. Roughly 14% of my brain was continuously saying, “How can I turn this into a blog post…” every time I went on a date, got stuck in traffic, visited a dirty urinal, or went on vacation. In the end, it wore me out. Drained me like a thirsty Homer chugging a cold Duff on a hot summer day.

I debated for a long time if I should scale the blog back a little bit or if I should just shut it down completely. Call me the anti-Favre. I’m 100% out. If I did fewer posts I would still feel that constant pressure to churn out more stuff and find an angle to turn everything I do into a witty post. This all-or-nothing decision has been liberating. I’ve made the right decision.

So, in the spirit of being a Normal Mormon Husband, I’ll give my concluding thoughts as I hobble off into the blogging sunset:

I’m grateful for being NORMAL. It is a blessing to be a pretty regular guy. To experience both the joys and trials of life. To have a job that I sometimes love and sometimes makes me want to throw up before I walk into the building. To have good friends to play hoops with and beat at fantasy football. To find Dollar Menu items delicious. To drive a Honda Accord. To love my country. To get sick and hurt enough that I enjoy my health when it is good. Yes, it’s great to have a normal life.

What a blessing it is to be MORMON. My personal relationships with God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ, give meaning and purpose to my life. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was founded by the Savior Himself. He leads this church through the power of His priesthood and continuous revelation to modern-day prophets. The word of God is found in the Book of Mormon, and I find peace and direction within its pages. Knowing that I have been sealed to my family for the eternities brings me hope and happiness. It is truly a miracle that an unpaid clergy consisting of normal, imperfect, everyday people like you and me move this great work forward. I love being a part of the Lord’s kingdom here upon the earth and know I have found the truth.

I thoroughly enjoy being a HUSBAND. My wife is my best friend. She radiates purity and goodness and optimism and fun. She makes me laugh. She gives me confidence. It humbles me to know that we made three beautiful kids together. Being a dad is more rewarding (hugs, princess dress-ups, sports, reading books, FHE activities, wrestling, etc.) and more challenging (disciplining, scheduling, losing my free time, providing for a family, etc.) than I ever imagined it would be. My greatest hope in life is that the NMW and I raise our children in a way that will help them love the Lord, love their families, love their fellow men, and love life in general.

Okay, so maybe this was a little more long-winded “good-bye” than what the NMW said to her former high school flame, so sue me.

Oh, man, that could be a hilarious blog post – worst high school break-ups! (Fight the urge, Andrew. Fight the urge…)

Thanks again to all of you. Take care.

-The NMH


Maren said...

Hey you know what? I wish you well. I'm just a casual reader and I've enjoyed your humor. You've made me glad that I have a blog that only 4 people read. No pressure. Now go and enjoy your Norman Mormon Life.

5:38 AM
jordan said...

I'm a first time reader- how ironic is that-- Loved your (last) post. Normalcy is a crazy wonderful thing- ain't it. Take care.

6:07 AM
Jessica said...

I found you through Twlight,
Loved Those Posts!!!
Here is wishing you and your family... life without blogging pressures, may you still find the humor in everyday life.
Laughter is the best medicine of all, Thanks for the laughs you gave all of us!

6:13 AM
spencer said...

Thanks for your great blog and good luck with everything.

Maybe post one more time when you finish your book?

6:15 AM
The Fear Fam said...

I've been following you for a while and though I rarely comment, I want to thank you for all the laughs! I have truly enjoyed your blog. I wish you & your family all the best.

6:22 AM
Shauna said...

Thanks for all the out loud reading that caused my kids to come in to see if "Mom was OK".

Good luck on all your endeavors. And thanks for sharing.

6:35 AM

Ok, I am seriously sad! I was just telling your mom the other day how much I love your blog. (I figured out I was in your mom's ward when you mentioned angela's book, because your mom reviewed it at a RS book night...)

Small world huh? I am the Preston Idaho girl....

Anyway, best of luck... I have really enjoyed your blog and adore your fabulous mother!!

7:22 AM
PamJorg said...

I'm also a fan since Twilight. I'm a blog-stalker...sorry. Thanks for all the laughs. Thanks for the lesson in priorities! Have a good life!

7:24 AM
annahannah said...

Thanks for the ride.

7:54 AM
Doug said...

With apologies to Swatzneggar "You'll be back!".
G b w y t w meet again.

8:05 AM
faith said...

i started following fairly recently at the suggestion of my husband. i've enjoyed it. but i say good for you.
also, i hope you'll leave the blog up so we can still enjoy it.

8:06 AM
M-Cat said...

Dammit! And I just found you! And see that you served in Chile which is where my son is (he's further south in Osorno), and you make me and my husband laugh hysterically. He too grew up in WVC.

Good luck, wish you well, will miss your humor!!

8:29 AM
Robin said...

I too will miss your humor, but I understand priorities, being a single mom !! I especially enjoyed your testimony in this last post !! Good-bye and good life !!!

8:56 AM
DeNae said...

Well I've totally enjoyed reading your blog. And this is a legitimate invitation: Any time you get the urge, like a really great essay just bubbles up inside you and it's just itching to get out, send it to me. I have a semi-large following, and I'm also an editor over at Mormon Mommy Blogs. We'll get you posted and get folks laughing and all the things that writers like you and I live for. And then you can walk away and never look back...until the urge bubbles up again.


9:15 AM
Homer and Queen said... make me giggle...we will miss you. Good luck in Fantasy Football. Just kidding! My hubby is in 5 leagues so you know I am being sarcastic!

9:46 AM
normal mormon wife said...

I will miss your blog SOOO much. Here's my request: Next time we go through a rough experience (kidney stones, flat tires, etc.) can you just e-mail me a re-cap from your point of view? It's always funnier than what really happened.


Oh, and can you keep writing our family Christmas letters as your creative outlet once a year?

10:10 AM
runningfan said...

Thanks for the laughs. The day you picked us for one of your mediation posts was great! (We named our baby Alexis Paige, by the way.)

I'm glad you're putting first things first!

10:16 AM
carmar76 said...

Aw, man! I'm gonna miss your humorous outlook on things, but I totally understand how the pressure to write can make it not as much fun. Thank you for sharing your thoughts & observations these past few years. Thank you for sharing your testimony - not only in this post, but in the way you are living life & raising your kids. Thank you for intentionally or unintentionally pointing me towards other blogs that I now enjoy. : )

I 2nd the request to keep the blog up, tho, so we can still enjoy past postings!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!


10:57 AM

Thanks for the fun and laughs and perspective. All the best!

11:23 AM
Ang said...

What? No more NMH?!?! What if you end up with a Glenn Close-in-that-one-80s-movie-I-can't-remember-style stalker who won't LET you dump them?

Some of us know where you live, you know. :-)

Seriously, though, love you, my bro. I'll miss the NMH, but I'm lucky enough to have you in my life for realsies. Couldn't ask for anything more than that.

11:27 AM
Katy said...

You've just made me VERY sad. Yours is the only blog in the world that I read. My life will be less bright without your blogs in it. However, I understand. So thank you very much for being there for laughs when I need them. I wish you well. *beings to cry*

11:43 AM
kristib said...

You'll be missed. You're really funny...for a tall guy.

11:59 AM
SarahAnne said...

Our blogging world has just gotten a little sadder. :(

But many of us - Normal Mormons or not - understand about focusing on things that should be our priority, and realigning ourselves. I'm sure Heavenly Father is pleased with your decision to do so, and is waiting to pour out many blessing upon you and your Normal Mormon Family. Thanks for all the gut-busting fun. It was a great ride for us readers, too!

12:51 PM
Courtney said...

Way to go out on top! This was a great post. Both funny and uplifting. Thanks!

1:17 PM
Tristan said...

I too will miss your humor and creative writing. My favorite post was Campin with Cletus and Deadly Varmints! Enjoy your Normal Mormon Life.

2:15 PM
Angela said...

I've enjoyed reading your blogs, but I totally understand your reasons for stopping. I'm kind of an all or nothing person too.
I found your blog through our shared roots, the Twilight posts were just a bonus, a wonderful, magical bonus. Thanks for making me laugh! :)

2:34 PM
Emily said...

I found you through the Twilight posts, and have been a fan ever since. Thank you for all the laughs. Also, thank you for sharing your testimony in your last post. I wish you all the best!

2:54 PM
Dustin said...

longtime reader, first time commenter here. Thanks for the laughs. I enjoyed it. God Bless you and your family

2:55 PM
Carolyn said...

Don't you think your being a little rash?! What if you find yourself WANTING to blog in the future. (think Michael Jordan and his repeated attempts at "retirement") I'm going to assume you meant: don't expect anything from me, and if I want to, I'll post.
In the meantime, enjoy your fam. and your slurpees!

2:59 PM
Lalis said...

Ah.... You will be missed. :)

3:43 PM

Faith - Yes, I'm leaving the blog up so that people can read my old stuff if they want to. I will just no longer update it going forward.

5:28 PM
Maren Hansen said...

We'll miss your hilarious blogs. Good luck fighting the urge to write--we won't hold you accountable if you sneak a post in here or there just because you can... :)

5:30 PM

DeNae - Don't even tempt me to post an occasional essay on your site! Today, for example, the NMW and I went on a date that resulted in us eating dinner at a gas station and watching a HORRIBLE movie. A year ago, I would have spent a couple of hours writing the blow-by-blow account. But now, I'm done! Done! Done, ya hear?! Don't tempt me!

5:34 PM
Jamie said...

You're the second blogger I follow to quit this week. I think I'm going to miss you the most.

5:39 PM

Carolyn - Yes, I remember what happened after Michael Jordan came back after retirement. His scoring went from 30.7 ppg with the Bulls to 21.5 in Washington. His FG% dropped from 49.7% to 43.1%. In other words, MJ reached the point where he should have just walked away. I've reached that same point, and I'm done. (Please don't read too much into me comparing myself to MJ, though. He's one of the best ever, like Dave Barry or something. In NBA terms I'm more like Jeff Horancek or Michael Cooper. A good, solid contributor, but not a superstar.)

5:41 PM
Amx said...

I'll miss your blog, Drew. I remember when you first started blogging and you went MONTHS at a time without posting. I checked it daily, thinking "Come on, I'm not going to check if you don't update." But then you went and got all famous on us! It's been a fun ride, and thanks for giving my Room Doodles website the NMH bump. (-:

5:57 PM
Sara said...

Your quick wit will be missed. I have enjoyed jumping on your blog when I am having a rough day. But I understand the pressure to blog. I will go for weeks and then play catch up. But I hope that you have a enjoyable life with your family and that you will be able to fit in more family time. God Bless!

6:29 PM
Joey/Denny/Emma said...

Oh, Andrew dear. Your posts will indeed be missed, but I understand. As Ang said, I'm glad you're in my life for realses.

7:00 PM
Amber Chappell said...

I came on here tonight looking for a real laugh after a crazy day and now I'm just sad. But I understand the whole priority bit, you can only juggle so many things. I've enjoyed every post you've ever written! Good luck with all your endeavors at normalcy!

7:32 PM
Erin said...

Completely understandable, but we'll miss your sense of humor all the same. Good luck!

8:06 PM
Brian said...

Thanks for the fun times. I'll buy your book. Let us know when it's released.

8:16 PM
Anonymous said...

I will speak up for the silent majority--those of us who read your posts, laugh our heads off, occasionally learn something, and leave your blog feeling better..., but never reply. I feel like I need to find an NPR station somewhere that is having a pledge drive and make a donation. Thanks for your efforts. They were much appreciated. It seems appropriate to leave my identity anonymous so I can fill the role of the silent readership. No, I'm not your mother or Stephenie Meyer, just a middle aged Mormon guy living in the California foothills outside of Yosemite. Come visit sometime.

8:40 PM
Jason Eldredge said...

Thanks for all the fun reads. If you ever decide to become the anti-anti-Favre, I hope I happen upon your blog again.

9:29 PM
Mark + Tiffany said...

I have enjoyed your blog, and have laughed a lot! Have fun being normal :)

9:39 PM
Courtney said...

Well that stinks for me! I just found you a couple months ago! But you're probably making the right decision. I find myself "blogged down" as well (did you like that? I just made it up on the spot :-), and I only have about four people that read mine! Thanks for making me laugh, and thanks for sharing your testimony in your last post. Good luck to you and your family...

9:41 PM
Strollerblader said...

I will miss your posts. I've lurked for a long time, and ironically was going to post tonight when I came on your site and saw that the ad was for Scientology. Ha.

Best wishes in your normal mormon life now. You are a talented and witty writer, and your faith comes through.

9:47 PM
DeNae said...

Oh, I'm tempting you mister.

Particularly since, although you've done a whiz bang job at the whole Clark Kent thing, I'm pretty sure you and I have several common acquaintances. And since I'm also fairly confident you and I are the only people from WVC not posting our blogs from Cell Block D, it's all the more important that we REPRESENT!!

Just keep my e-mail address. You know, in case you need a fix.

11:38 PM
Nora Mair said...

Aaah, are you sure? No one in the world can describe West Valley, the West Fest and life in the early ninties like you can, and your twilight take was dead on. Edward really is a woman. Thanks for the laughs.

11:44 PM
Candi said...

Thanks for the laughs! Good for you for knowing when it's time to quit, though we'll miss it.

12:06 AM
Coconut Queen said...

I will defn miss your take on everything twilight. And on relationships. And marriage. And being a 'normal mormon'. I love your writing. Thanks for sharing it with us. I hope you find another outlet for yr talent. (maybe start another blog...incognito...)

2:10 AM
Jennifer said...

Thank you for your time and wit. It's been fun, but it's best for "good" things to come to an end for "better" things. Good luck and God bless.

7:42 AM
Rachy Maree said...

Sad to see you go, but good for you.... Like Seinfield, leaving before people stop watching.

Good luck. Thanks for the laughs.

8:44 AM
bwebster said...

Bummer. You have a knack for comedy writing, something most people (including many would-be comedic writers) don't. But I understand the impulse. Best of luck in all future endeavors. ..bruce..

8:45 AM
Charity said...

Been reading for awhile, but never commented. I've really enjoyed your posts. Thanks for all the laughs!! Best of luck in your "normal" life.

12:17 PM
mce said...

I have loved reading your blog. It is one of my favorites. I have never commented before, but always discuss your chosen topic. I will miss you

3:22 PM
Heather said...


4:17 PM
Jessica said...

I have been a long time reader i Started reading when i was 17 and i recently just turned 19(so not as long as you have been reading but still pretty long). i loved reading your blogs and i will miss it terribly. I actually missed a college class once because i was reading your blog and forgot i had class and the teacher said if you come in late i'm marking you absent so i didn't go instead i reread a bunch of your posts. You have been a big but very small part of my life. i would read your posts at dinner i have 5 brothers, we would sit around and spend at least an hour discussing you post. i wish you best of luck well wishes and health (always need good health no one wishes you that anymore) with your family and your life. I will miss this.

5:05 PM
GR82BAMOM said...

First time poster here too. I just wanted to say thank YOU! for the good, clean humor. Thanks also for keeping the blog up for the rest of us to catch up on the older posts. I have had SO much fun reading your blog and sharing it with my husband. You have a great talent and I hope you will still publish the book and let us all know about it. My husband is Bishop too and so we totally understand the hardships. Best wishes!!

5:50 PM
Anonymous said...

Another long time reader, first time poster here...

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your posts! Found you through the Twilight posts but stayed on... Best of luck in your future endevours, even if it's "just" princess dress-ups and office work. Nothin' wrong with a little normal!

8:52 PM
Sandy said...

Good for you - and I have to laugh, because it was my mom who randomly asked me last night if I'd read that "Normal Husband Guy"'s last post this week (apparently she also became a fan after the Twilight business). And I definitley have to agree with your synopsis of your wife - she is amazing and is an inspiration to me in my twilight-zone-similar-life from afar ALL THE STINKING TIME.

So good luck and don't be a guy and fill up your new free time with something lame. :)

6:17 AM
vampgal said...

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and time with us. Many of your posts have been truly hilarious and I appreciate your take on Twilight more than anything. Thanks for all the fun and may your life be filled with continued blessings!

8:28 AM
Anonymous said...

Thank YOU, NMH for helping us find the humor in everyday life making us feel Normal about being Mormon Husbands. Good luck in the future.

8:59 AM
sondra said...

My offer still stands to do your editing, should you write anything outside the blogosphere. It's the least I could do to repay you for all the fun I've had reading your blog.

9:36 AM
Sonya said...

Yes, seriously sad that you are posting no more! I've enjoyed your humor and share it with everyone. Good for you being normal! Best of luck :).

10:22 AM
Chad said...

Good Riddance. Wait that came out wrong, what I meant was, I will be sad to see you go, but fully understand. I enjoyed your posts for the short time I was here. It was good to get back in touch. You are a talented blogger.

11:24 AM
Nelson said...

Just want to say thanks and as sad as I am to hear you are done I do understand. I actually found myself wondering how you had time to write these posts and other times I wondered if it was difficult to come up with new things to write about all the time. I'm sure it is nice to have one less burden to worry about. I guess I'll just have to wait until you are a retired, empty-nester, ward librarian (no real responsibilities outside the block) with nothing else to do before you can blog again.
Thanks again and good luck.

11:56 AM
Joy Tincher said...

I found you thru Twilight but kept reading because your posts were enjoyable. Enjoy your down time with NMW and NMK's.

1:07 PM
Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog; I'm glad you're putting the truly important things first.

Good luck!


5:05 PM
Jen said...

Thank you for your testimony, your humor and for your "love" of Twilight. I appreciated many of your posts (as did my husband). Good luck in everything you do.

7:20 PM
Haiku Amy said...

Happy to say I am one of your Twilight Junkie converts. Thanks for giving this Partially Normal (despite affection for all things vampire) Mormon Wife a few good laughs. Your presence in my google reader will be missed.

9:49 PM

Thank you for the work you've put into your blog. My husband and I have enjoyed reading it.

9:50 PM
Chad said...

I feel like I did when Night Court went off the air. Or when Van Halen broke up. Are you sure you won't stay?

3:48 AM
Carol said...

Thanks for helping me understand my husband a little better! You are a talented writer and I'll miss your posts. Thanks for sharing!

8:51 AM
Carie said...

Nope I know your just kidding, I'll be waiting for your next post.

8:55 AM
Scrap Happy said...

What a sappy love-fest! You did this post just to generate comments, methinks...

New Moon is coming out, I will be checking back to get your review on that one! Don't let me down!

11:09 AM
Alyssa said...

Thank you for your fun blog and for your testimony :) But I will miss seeing what funny things you have come up with any particular week :(

4:24 PM
Ted said...

Darn it - just when I was going to ask to be a guest writer...even though it seems the tide has turned towards twitter and facebook.

6:12 AM
jeff said...

you know that you are coming back to write when the next twilight movie comes out.

8:05 AM
Sarah said...

I found you after you wrote the Twilight posts and have been following you ever since -- I was born and raised in Utah, now live in New York, so I appreciated many of your posts. Take care!!

10:43 AM
ebster said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 4:17 PM
ebster said...

Well, I just found your blog last week and now I have to say goodbye. What's up with that!!!

I just want to say "thanks" for being the kind of guy you are, opening up and letting us girls know what's going on in a guys head.
"thanks" for having the morals and standards that you do.
"thanks" for being so darned intertaining and clean.
I hopefully there are more "normal" mormons in the world to carry on in your tradtion. If not, maybe I should blog more often...

4:18 PM
Kristi S. said...

I found you through your Twilight posts, and was looking forward to your new moon movie reviews.....but I have followed you for sometime, quietly in the rafters so to speak. Great job, I love your humor, your take on things, and that you put your family first! GO be a Normal Mormon Husband, and enjoy life!

5:34 PM
Jessica and Tom said...

I am only sad that you decided to do this before the release of New Moon. I was totally looking forward to your review of the movie! Thanks for the laughs.

7:55 PM

I think NMW was getting sick of seeing how many women read & comment on your blog. I think the ratio of Girl Comments to Guy Comments is like 35-1 and most of the guy comments are yours. Your not going to pull a Brett Farve on us and start posting blogs on the HBO New Blood are you?


8:16 PM

Please don't delete it. I intend on coming back and reading the other posts. Love your humor and am enjoying what I see.
Glad you shared this much. Have a great life.

10:45 PM
Melanie said...

You made me laugh out loud so many times! Thanks for the entertainment. And thanks for sharing your gospel experiences and testimony. All the best to you and your family.

7:37 PM
Rebecca said...

You made it look so effortless, but I can see how the pressure would take away the fun. I have truly enjoyed your blog. So many times I laughed out loud when I read it. "I laughed, I cried. It moved me, Bob!" I do hope you'll consider guest-blogging for Mormon Mommy Blogs when the urge hits. No pressure, just write when you want..... And enjoy a more peaceful life with your family.

5:29 AM
Anonymous said...

This is the saddest day of my life. Loved your blog. :(

9:07 PM
Summer said...

I loved the post that you did about your lay off experience. I still tear up thinking about it. You have a true talent of being so ridiculously funny and caring all at the same time. Good Luck!!

3:42 PM
Pappy Yokum said...

I ended up staring at the keyboard for some time as I contemplated what to say. Even now I am stalling. I will definitely miss your blog. Few people I have encountered have such a gift for turning normal, everyday incidents into gut-busting stories - you are one of those few. Any time I have been having a stressful day, I could click on your blog and know there would be something clean and humorous to help me back up. Thanks for the laughs and for the testimony. You rock!

11:52 AM

Thanks for the humor over the past several months.

6:10 PM
The Giles Files said...

So sad that this is your last post. I just found your blog. Went to school with your wife, even worked at the Root Beer Stand with her. Small world. Funny blog.

10:04 PM

NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! You can't do this to me. We can work it out, I know we can. Just give us another chance! I know it's me and not you, but I can change...i won't expect too much from you anymore...and I will try to stop stalking your blog even though you don't know me....just please, don't say this is the end? Okay, I get it..the silent treatment......well fine...maybe I will be better off with out your sparkling personality and hilarious humor to keep me going everyday. I'll think of it as just one less blog to read on my google reader....that's right...I don't need you...I dump you! (okay, not are awesome and I will miss your long was good while it lasted!)

5:43 AM
Erin H. said...

Thanks for a fun read!

10:28 PM
Anonymous said...

OK NMH I will miss you. Just wondering why you didn't consider paying someone to "take over" writing for you and keep the money coming? Not that anyone could take your place but there are some other funny people out there....

9:41 PM
Anne Marie said...

Best wishes! Thanks for sharing your talent. Maybe one of these days you can get around to writing a book (once your kids are a little older). The Twilight series for dummies was absolutely hilarious! Thank you.

2:14 PM
Jamie said...

96 COMMENTS!!! I had 8 comments once and thought I was the most popular girl in the world ~
Good luck and thanks for the laughs!

8:01 AM
Anonymous said...

First time reader, what a shame I missed all the fun. Maybe you should write a column and get paid for it. You have a talent for the written word.
Best of luck

9:35 AM
Anonymous said...

Thanks for your testimony - that is probably the most important thing you could share in your departure back to being a normal husband with a great wife and family. Thanks for sharing and now continue to use your time wisely for none of us know how much time we really have here to secure our place in heaven and help rescue others.

4:44 PM
normal mormon wife said...

I just wanted you to have triple-digits on your *last* post. Also, hoping you'll come out of retirement eventually. Will you write a personal blog post about new moon for me?

5:00 AM
Cheryn said...

Good luck NMH! I enjoyed your posts, they made me laugh and it was nice to see a guy's take on things since my husband thinks blogging is dumb. Enjoy life. Cheers to you!

2:43 PM
angel said...

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7:27 PM
Katy said...

...I'm still waiting for him to come back and yell "JUST KIDDING!!"

I guess i'll keep waiting.

12:24 PM
ladyhughes said...

LOL. This was my first time here and I find out that you quit !! Well good luck to you in all you do. sorry i missed the party.

9:14 AM
ladyhughes said...
This comment has been removed by the author. 9:14 AM
Kate said...

You are so flippin' funny... and it has almost been a year since your last post. Hope life is treating you well... and when are you writing a book?

8:23 PM
Hamlin said...

Excellent work..Marriage is a lifetime affair which requires utmost adjustment from both the sides. In order to have a happy married life,, you must learn to live with the negative and positive aspects of your life partner. It’s natural that everyone has a different nature and attitude and adjusting with these dissimilarities is what makes marriage a challenge!!

8:19 AM
Jennifer said...

I very randomly just happened upon your blog and was literally laughing out loud at some of your posts! You are too funny and I'm sorry to see you hung up your hat 4 years ago. I hope you're writing a book.

7:53 PM